How well do you think that "twenty four hour" childcare centers would do if they...

  1. were located next to larger hospitals? This is a service that is almost impossible to find, but which is a necessity for many health care professionals (especially Dr's and Nurses who are ALSO single parents). Now, if you have read my "Bill Gates' post below, I believe that this is a service that should be integrated in hospitals themselves. HOWEVER, to my knowledge almost none offer this service. I think that it could be economically viable, especially since others besides just hospital workers would probably also utilize them. Heck, even having a wife it's still a challenge. Consider that I must leave for clinicals by 5:00 AM each day (and my wife at 5:30 AM, although I'm not going to nursing school this semester) there are not MANY babysitters willing to get at your house at 5:00 AM and stay until after 7:00 PM at night or day care centers that permit those drop off and pick up hours! Thankfully, my mother in law lives with us, but despite paying her $100.00 a week (and free room and board) she is not very "stable" and could leave at any time on short notice.
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  3. by   LolaRN
    from a child's perspective, I can't imagine sleeping on those little blue cots nightly with 20 or so other kid. For infants and toddlers, it probably would be easier because they would have their own crib and it could be more home like. I just can't imagine my small kids staying overnight in any of the center environments that I have seen (I have been a director of child care centers, some were great-some not). Our child care arrangement is piece meal at best and we both work evenings and nights so I DEFINITELY would be open to the idea IF it was homey
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I would not subject my kids to it. but some have no choice. I think more provisions for safe, convenient daycare MUST be made available to working staff. Single parents , working people dont' always have the luxury of a lot of choices.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm like Deb . . I can't imagine how my 2 year old would feel having to go to bed in a childcare center. And wake up in the middle of the night looking for mom or dad and find strangers.

    I wouldn't put my son in a childcare center to begin with though. We are lucky that my in-laws live nearby on a ranch and are very stable and wonderful people. And I'm lucky I only work 4 days a pay period. If it was a choice between daycare/working and staying home though . . . I'd be staying home and my dh would just have to find more ways to bring some money in or we'd have to cut our costs.

    I'm speaking only for myself here. I'm a stay-at-home wannabe at heart and will jump at the chance if it happens.

  6. by   Roland
    So you think it might be economically viable, but that a premium should be placed upon a home like atmosphere? I think I would design the place along a "Disney" theme (could be a bit pricey to get their endorcement so maybe we would go with Nick Jr.) and call it something like "the magic castle day and night fun center". There would be "sleeping rooms" with stars projected upon the ceiling, and gentle "white noise" such as the ocean to facilitate the sleeping process. I would keep ratios to no more than about ten to one at night, and five to one during the day. I would also have cameras that parents could access via pass word on the internet (or their cell phones these days). For kids like my son that don't go to bed until midnight there would be late night games, cartoons, movies, and educational experiences. During the day there would be both indoor and outdoor playrooms that made Chucky Cheese seem like an abandoned park in the hood. During the day there would also be high quality "pre school" learning. Disipline would be enforced with several padded "time out" rooms where bad kids would go when they crossed over the line (even these would be decorated in a Sponge Bob theme perhaps). Of course this wouldn't be cheap. In my area I'm thinking it would probably run over $200.00 per week for regular weekly usage. However, it's primary purpose would be to "fill in gaps" that every working parent (especially Dr's and nurses) experiences when their primary childcare plan falls through or when they are called in at 3:00AM in the morning! What's more the hospital could agree to pay for your child to attend, in exchange for you covering a difficult shift (or emergency situation) for them. Oh the roofs would have LARGE UV protected Sunroof's! (and maybe a swimming pool if it didn't send the insurance through the roof).

    Did I mention that the bed's would be child sized Select Comfort's and that every child would get a bedtime story that wanted one (this would be facilitated by extra "standby" staff who's only job was to attend to extras like bed time stories and kids that were upset because their parents were not there). There would also be Bible, Torah, and Koran studies for those parents who desired. Plus the fact that parents could always look outside the hospital and see my facility couldn't hurt.
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  7. by   traumaRUs
    24 hour day care already exists and has existed for many years in Las Vegas! I used 24 hour care centers from 90 to 92 while working as an LPN at Sunrise Hospital. My husband was in the Air Force and was in Desert Storm. Now please don't say my kids suffered - you do what you gotta do. My sons were ages 5 and 10 when I first used this facility. Very clean and well-run. I'm not a single mom but when your hubby is overseas - well - they don't pay the military very well!
  8. by   Roland
    Why don't you think that this concept has expanded beyond Vegas? There are people everywhere who need odd hour childcare. When my wife and I ran a business we often worked well over a 100 hours per week, including Saturday's and Sunday's. I know people that work odd shifts at many local facilities not just healthcare.
  9. by   memphispanda
    There are 24 hours centers here, but the majority of them (actually, all of them I have seen) are geared for low-income families and don't provide the best of care or atmosphere, and are located in pretty rotten areas.

    The only way I would use a nighttime care would be if it was either a home environment or if the center was located in or on hospital (or whatever) employer grounds. One of the hospitals here had a center but it was only open a bit longer than typical centers--didn't provide care at night. It's not open any longer. The IRS has a center here but I'm not sure what type of hours they keep.
  10. by   ejm99
    I think because Vegas is a 24 hours can pretty much do anything you'd normally do during the day at night....

    the 24 hour daycare is more accessible.

    If Houston suddenly decided that everything would be open 24hours, and people began to UTILITIZE the option of shopping, eatting out, seeing a movie whatever at 3am instead of 3pm....that would create a DEMAND for 24care..for employees that must work those industries and for customers as well.
    As it is...sure walmart is open 24hours...denny's....and that's about it..besides healthcare facilities... so the need is small..therefore few and far between.

    I'm a night person. I would love to go to school at night like the 4-10 classes that are currently offered in nursing but daycare is a problem for me.
    I'm married but my dh's job hours vary and finding a sitter for 3 - 7, 8 or even sometimes (esp during the summer since dh is in construction) 9pm is a HUGE problem...

    it just isn't available...not unless you have LOTS of $$ for a 24 center...or a 'housekeeper' type thing....and even then..many dont' want to work evenings.
  11. by   LolaRN
    can you afford to pay $200 per week per child? Can it be done for $200 per week per child? Just askin.
  12. by   ejm99
    I think that's about the norm from what I hear...$200 per child for night care..

    but if you have more than one kid....your SOL unless your pretty well off and in that situation I think I'd RATHER have a housekeeper stay w/ them in their own home...

    I know I have 3 kids..... 11, just shy of 6 and just shy of 3.
    While I'm secure w/ my oldest being a latchkey for 30 min - an hour...I would NOT want him alone at way... even now I"m not thrilled w/ the 30 min - hour even w/ a neighbor keepig a watchful eye on my home.

    so I PERSONALLY could not afford the $200 a wk...for ONE child...if I were working MAYBE.... but definitely not for 2...and like I said...if the price is right you can find night's just going to be a bit steep.

    When I was in school 4yrs ago...we hired a young girl, 20 or so (who btw had a nice trust fund that she got an allowence from monthly) to come over at 8:00 ...she put the oldest on teh bus, and took care of my little one (only had 2 kids then) all day...she also did housework, and dinner prep for me...all for $225 a week.
    Oh and she got off work at or BY 5:30 at the latest M-F.
    She was awesome.....I liked her alot and we got along really well which is another thing... I"m kinda territorial about my house/ she really was great...she used to tell me that she felt guilty taking my money because she got to watch oprah and color w/ my little one all
    I hope I can find someone like that again if I ever decide to go that route...
  13. by   Roland
    Again, I would imagine that the TYPICAL useage for such a "center" would be on an "emergency" basis such as when your babysitter calls in sick or the hospital really NEEDS you to pick up a late night shift (Dr's and Nurses). Furthermore, I envision the hospitals subsidizing or in some cases completely paying (if they REALLY need you to come in) the fees. There would be no contracts required, you could just "show up" with your kid or if you really like the place you COULD (if you could afford it) use the day or night services on regular basis.
  14. by   nekhismom
    I think that the childcare center described above would be wonderful, day or night. Nurturing care givers are a must, and all the little extras are important. I definately could NOT afford $200/wk, though. Maybe if the price was more reasonable, THEN we'd be in business!! LOL.