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I am curious how other nurses stay positive in the profession. I honestly in 15 years have not met one nurse who was not looking to get out, or who was stuck because of the money in the profession. ... Read More

  1. by   ksrn2004
    Quote from weetziebat
    "- be a Wal*Mart greeter."

    I could not resist replying to this!! I cannot tell you how many times I &/or my nursing buds have stated this very same quote!! :chuckle Nice to know we're not alone in that thought!!

    I've only been in nursing for about a year & a half now, before that I did insurance for 14 years. I see so many similarities in the 2 jobs & the things that I hated about both were the paperwork & the upper level management who, let's face it, have no clue what goes on in the "real world"!! But I truly feel that nursing has some great rewards which is way more than I can say for the insurance world!! (Now ask me 14 years down the road & who knows what I'll say!!) It would be nice to have some sort of nurses union though! Wonder why we don't?!! Anyway, just my 2 cents worth!
  2. by   aspentree13
    Anyone ever think that what the nursing profession really needs is a union???
  3. by   lindarn
    Quote from aspentree13
    Anyone ever think that what the nursing profession really needs is a union???
    I have always felt that nurses needed to organize BIG TIME. But too many nurses are of the "martyr mary" persuasion, and refuse to consider the benefits that a union brings.

    I keep hearing on this listserve, "I don't need a union to speak for me", I can negotiate for myself". I haved yet to see a nurse, by him or herself, negotiated staffing levels, fair and LEGAL grievance procedures, and wages and benefits that CNA has obtained.

    It is, what I would call, delusions of grandeur, if they believe that they can negotiate, and accomplish what a seasoned union officials can.

    There is power in numbers. There are too many nurses who have tried to make changes, and have been the victims of "retaliatory discharges" by the hospitals.

    Nurses also need to be educated in subjects like Employment Law, and Administative Law. Nurses are like babes in the woods when it comes to their legal rights in the workplace. The classes can be obtained in a community college that has a paralegal program, or on line with Kaplan's Paralegal program.

    Unfortunatly, most nurses fight any and all attempts to help. It has been most frustrating to watch nurses "self distruct" over an over again. The new nurses get disgusted and leave. The average time a new grad stays in bedside nursing is 4-6 years, and they are gone. They see how bad bedside nursing is and they want no part of it in the long term, only in the short term to get them where they want to be- grad school, CRNA school, where they will make alot more money and have more control over their careers.

    We are not attracting new grads to stay at the bedside, in part due to nurses' reluctance to organize, and take control of the profession. We let everyone run rampant over us, control over what and IS and WHO IS A NURSE, (medication aides, MT), and we expect the new grads to stay and put up with it. They are a completely different breed from the older, diploma grads, who put up with this. It has to change in the very near future, or we will not have a profession to fight over.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  4. by   Beneficence
    I am so glad this is posted. I got work this morning, and all I thought about was "Did I do the right thing by going to nursing school"? Where I am the doctors and PA's totally disregard us. When we give them report about how the pt did over night it is like "what are you telling me for" type of attitude from MOST of the docs. It's like "I am the doctor and you do what I say and DON'T question me"!! type of attitude. I actually have seriously thought about going to medical school just to have autonomy!! Even the NP's here work "under" the physician and some of them feel like they are just nurse maids or "do girls" for the docs. Ya'll, I need encouragement. I do love being a nurse, but I don't like the lack of respect!!! I do understand that all docs/pa's don't act like that, but they are swarming all around me!!:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire