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Does anyone have any good suggestions to get rid of the hiccups? Or what causes the hiccups? Any ideas? I don't know what's up, but the last couple days I've been getting hiccup episodes... Read More

  1. by   butterfly1722
    the one with drinking the water from the other side of the glass really does work. i had the hiccups really bad this morning and could not get rid of them on my own so i try this and it really did work.

    thanks for the help!!!
  2. by   BabyRN2Be
    I'm staying with my tried and true method of pouring a teaspoon of sugar directly on the back of my throat. Never fails me, works 100% of the time for me.

    Seeing as you originally posted this in Oct. 2001, I hope that your hiccups are long gone, Brian.
  3. by   berry
    thorzine IM
  4. by   pokey sn
    A TR director tells patients to do this:
    Get a glass of water, while doing the sign of the cross, take a sip of water after each phrase (In the name of the Father, sip, in the Name of the Son, sip, and in the Name of the Holy Spirit, sip, Amen). It WORKS every time!!!! Prayer really does heal all things!!
  5. by   kwagner_51
    Ok At the risk of sounding crazy; this is what I do:

    Watch yourself as you hiccup. I watch my belly. I get tickled because of the way it moves. Staring at it stops them. It works on my kids as well.

    Hope this helps!!
  6. by   ChrisA
    I'd just go straight to the Merck and go for a bilateral phrenicotomy right off the bat.
  7. by   jam0601
    Take something of value away from the person with the hiccups and tell them that they can't have it back until they hiccup again.

    Seems to always work. Make sure it is of value though.

  8. by   hock1
    I force myself to cough really hard which brings on a hiccup. After four of theses coughs, they usually go away. I discovered this because I couldn't smoke while I had the hiccups. Oh what we smokers will do (quit three years now).
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from TracyB,RN
    ... Get a glass of water. Hold it firmly. Put your mouth to the opposite side of the glass that you would normally drink from. Then bend over slightly, while taking a sip...
    Sure sounds like a game of Twister will do it too!
  10. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from misti_z
    ... [i]The most popular anti-hiccup methods, as collected by The Washington Post's News Research Center...
    Thanks for the treatise on this malady.
  11. by   tylerlvn
    The teaspooon of sugars always works for me. I really do not know why... but, it works.
  12. by   Benton
    Intractable hiccups...Thorazine 25mg PO
  13. by   RNcathlab
    Get a glass of water
    Breathe in
    Take a drink
    Breathe out
    Take a drink
    Breathe in
    Take a drink
    Breathe out
    Take a drink
    Continue in this fashion for about 10 -12 cycles. Works every time.