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hi i have a question and unsure where to post it. as there is are so many of you with so much experience on here i was hoping you could help with my question. my husband had a vasectomy over 9 days... Read More

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    Quote from chenelle
    thanks for your reply's. hubby is still in alot of pain. swelling is going down slowly. he has had a very bad experience and i feel kind of guilty for asking him to do it. what was supposed to be simple routine procedure has turned into something quite dramatic. he can only get better from here. i forgot to tell you he was bruised (very dark purple) from his belly button down his scrotum all in his groin right out to his hips. that thankfully has started to heal very quick. thanks again for your your imput.
    i wouldn't feel too guilty though. you were the one who had something the size of a small watermelon pushed out of a hole the size of an orange. your giving birth could just as easily have gone from routine to dramatic.

    i am sorry that happened to dh, however, i would find it alarming if i looked down and had that kind of surprise.

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    if you have three vas defrens does that make you more fertile than a person with only two?
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    Follow-up sperm counts are extremely important!
    You know what's funny?? You have ONE hour to get the sample to the live 50 minutes away from the Dr..... :uhoh21:

    HE refused to drive the sample to the Dr for follow-up testing...okay, so he DID have his...ummm.....well, you know. So I have to race to the Dr. office with this little plastic jar sitting in the passenger's seat next to me, run in the office in front of all these people.....

    Everytime I look over at it to make sure it hasn't tipped over or rolled away under a seat or something, but mostly to convince myself that I am actually transporting a bottle of sperm, I'm thinking...."I'm going 70 mph in a 55....what the h#ll am I going to say to the officer who pulls me over?? What cop in his right mind is going to believe THIS story??"

    "Ummm....officer I need a police escort???"

    Talk about embarrassing!!!!!!!:imbar

    My ex had a rough recovery...not quite the swelling you described, but pretty bad. Honestly..frozen peas, vicoden and three days on the couch....lots and lots of bruising. Doc said he usually doesn't give vicoden for that, but felt bad for my ex cause it took so long to find the vas...apparently he is quite 'thick skinned' in more ways then one! :wink2:

    He thought he was going to be a big tough guy that day...wore his jeans...fairly tight ones! I practically begged him to wear sweats, but he insisted he would be okay. THEN he refused whatever pre-med they offered...not sure if it was pain or anxiety targeted, but he sure regretted not taking it. He looked like Frankenstein walking all straight legged out of that procedure room in his TIGHT jeans!!!!!! Face beet red and, I know it's not funny....


    Bet that'll teach him to watch the "Simpsons" during my last 1/2 of childbirth!!!

    YES! HE DID!!!!!
    Watched the Simpsons at 8:00pm....while I was pushing mind you...I delivered our youngest at least I waited for the Simpsons to be over!

    Still good friends with my ex...and I do appreciate him going through the vasectomy to save me pain....or maybe it was to save him from housework! LOL!!! No really, he had good and pure intentions when he volunteered...I called the doc the day he volunteered and scheduled his appt before he could back out! lol...

    He's a good guy...ANY guy who loves his woman enough to endure ANY type of unnecessary pain (*MEN* LOL!) to spare her is a good man!!!!