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  1. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by psychomachia
    It's not how much you MAKE, but how much you KEEP!
    Exactly! By living in creative poverty, I can work less, travel more, and still own a nice home...

    I only wish I had discovered this earlier in life...but at least my kids seem to have internalized it...

  2. by   JailRN
    Zumalong, I do make very close to $100,000. (99,500) but I put in some OT. Base is closer to 80,000. My kids think we're broke because Dad stays home, and I "get paid". He too, is a SN, and has big plans of Mgmt. I keep telling him, just come work with me at the jail, and we'll be fine, Plus have the little on ecared for by parents. (No put downs for those who are lucky enough to have normal kids, but when you have special-ed kids, you can't keep a babysitter. ) Gets to the point where you're just better off to take care of them ourselves.