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  1. by   GatorRN
    Med. Intensive Care
  2. by   nurseBe
    I am interested in moving to Oregon. Anybody from there? I would like to know what the average RN salary is. I would appreciate some assistance. Thank you!
  3. by   gomernurse
    RN..30 years...LTC...swing charge...$25/hr...Washington state.
  4. by   tinkagain
    I've been doing some serious job hunting. Here's what I've found. Tampa, Florida pays approx. $30/hour for nurses plus.
    Houston, TX pays the same. Hattiesburg, MS pays $19.20 per hour with 7 years experience (I'm quoting here). California pays from $24.00 - $30 an hour depending on where you live.
    The real scoop is the cost of living. Unbelievable cost of living in CA as well as state taxes. Florida has no state tax, neither does TX. MS has very very low cost of living, but not enough to off-set that low of pay. There you have it.
  5. by   eddy
    5 years
    ICU, MS, ER, Psych, LTC, Rehab and a little OR (They call me FloatGuy)
    Typically $30-37/hr (made about $90k last year)
    Agency work in Eastern Kansas
    Pretty Good Benefits including 401k, health dental vision indemnity insurance, short and long term disability, about 7 days paid vacation a year, etc.

    Top rate I ever made was $60/hr ($40 @ time and a half due to OT)

    On the flip side. A staff nurse working hospital job in Topeka is bringing in about $15-24/hr with similar or fewer benefits.
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  6. by   Cafe
    RN 7 years
    $27.00/hr up to $29. by next March
    Add on diffs for pms, weekends, charge, OT and bonus pay with OT hours
    Taxes take a big chunk
    Interesting to look back when this was started in 2000
  7. by   crzynrse
    1. Lpn
    2. 7yrs
    3. Geriatrics
    4. 14.50/hr
    Not my highest pay, but I am happy at my current job, I am the Med Rec Coordinator and the Infection Control Nurse, I only work prn on the floor. It became hard for me to work the floor d/t arthritis, and was lucky to find the oportunity to do what I am doing now.
  8. by   NursieRN
    1. RN
    2. 1 yr (prev. LPN for 4 yrs)
    3. peds with developmental disabilities & rare disorders
    4. $20.00/hr
  9. by   BrandieRNq
    RN (ADN)
    3 Years
    Base is $27.00. I work nights with a shift diff of $8/hr so total pay per hour is $35.00
    Benefits included
    Urban COLORADO
  10. by   LTCNursemidwest
    RN 11 yrs
    3yrs with this facility
    17.76 hrs
    LTC- days M-F
    have to pay for ben.s (160.oo) q2wks just for health
    rual IL
  11. by   liberalrn
    RN for 16 years (on and off-just back for last 2 years after 7 off)
    2 years as staff nurse (24 hours/week; 48/ pay period)
    Stepdown unit (transitional icu)
    $26.28/hr w/ shift diff. of $1 more 3-11; $2 more 11-7 (so how come we work 12 shifts? mmh.....)
    Almost full bennys: vaca time, sick time, pension (they match 6%), NO short term disability unless I pay big bucks.
    Chicago, metro area
  12. by   Bermuda
    RN $25.88/hr
    28yrs Ft. Lauderdale,Fl
  13. by   EC1234
    1. RN- Staff I
    2. 2 months- new grad in training
    3. Telemetry
    4. $35.34/hr (includes PM shift diff)
    5. San Francisco Bay Area, California
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