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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   NICUNURSE
    1. RN/BSN
    2. Less than a month!
    3. NICU (thus the name)
    4. $17.50 for the first 6 months, then $21. This is on the low side for southern california
    5. RN @ CHLA
  2. by   Yankee in TX
    2.15 years
    3. Agency IMCU/ICU
    5.Pasadena, Texas

    To Dplear- wish I could do kids. Best wishes to you.
  3. by   Audreyfay
    RN MSN - Certified Diabetes Educator
    RN x 26 years

    I'm not sure I want to read what I could be making. But I think I'd go for less stress at my ripe age.
  4. by   shrpgrl
    1. RN
    2 8 yrs
    3. rehab
    4.$21.75 base, $10.50/hr weekends, $1.00/hr charge, $2.40/hr shift diff

    I work 2 twelves on the weekend and get mandated over to a 16 several times a month. They pay double for every 4 hours you work over your normal shift. Also pick up several shifts during the week. I work 11 am to 11:30 pm.
  5. by   lpnga
    I live near Chattanooga, TN and one hospital here is in bad need of ER nurses and are paying them 40/hr. I just wonder what their boss is making??
  6. by   panda_181
    Didn't read all 25 pages! But any Canadians out there?

    Just graduated...
    1. BScN RN
    2. Have been working for 4 months now
    3. I work casual in Maternity, Pediatrics, Medicine and Surgery
    4. RN's make $24.70 here but it's an extra $1.25 an hour for your degree so I make $25.95
    -- Shift differential...extra $1.50 an hour each for nights and weekends

  7. by   ccrn
    1. Rn
    2. 15 years total
    3. 13 years in critical care
    4. base rate $45.00 (weekend PM's) with full benefits 24 hours per week. I also pick up 2/ 8 hour night shifts per week @ $47.00 per hour (pool rate) for a total of 40 hours per week. That comes out to approx. $95,500.00/yr.

    The base rate for staff with 15 years experience is $29.55 day shift Monday thru Friday. Plus $2.50/hr evening diff. and $3.50/hr night shift diff. No weekend or shift rotation required.
  8. by   NSDRN
    6 months experience
    Cardiac ICU
    $17.50/hr + weekend and shift differentials
  9. by   RNMe
    I've been an RN for 20 years. Currently make $27.50/hr. Required to take call which compensates $2.00/hr for hours on call then Time and a half for hours worked plus half time if beyond 40 hours. Differentials apply for off shifts and holidays.
  10. by   Rottie1
    4 years
    night diff
    weekend diff=$3./hr
    call pay $1.50/hr
  11. by   ernurse728
    1. RN
    2. 3 years
    3. ER
    4. $21.85 + shift differential and a retention bonus every 6 mths.
    5. Maryland
  12. by   NYCRN16
    Have my license for 5 years but only have 1 yr work experience
    $22 an hour
    Long Island, NY
  13. by   scrubs12
    in home health care
    just over 1 yr- total rn experi
    in nyc
    making about 56,000