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  1. by   funnynurse
    Staff RN
    3 years
    tele, preadmission testing
    24.72hr casual pay
    nurses starting out make about 16.13/hr.

    Had to update this 2/14/02 because we have received across the board raises at our hospital!! I now make 27.72hr as a casual and new grads are getting about 20/hr. I was told our positions are down 13% in Ohio, so administration wanted to pay us more.
    Full time and partime staff will receive a total of a 20% raise, 10% this year and 10% next year. When I started nursing in 1998, I was full time and started with 15.51 which take home is not even 30,000/yr. My husband was making 15/hr without a degree!
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  2. by   Sleepyeyes
    1. RN Charge Night shift
    2. 1 1/2 years
    3. RN charge 11-7, LTC past 6 mo. (MS for 9 mo.)
    4. $17 with PTO, I pay for benes, +.50 shift diff.
    5. Tampa area, FL
  3. by   LTC-LPN
    1) LPN
    2) 24 Years experience, primarily in LTC
    3) LTC
    4) $14.95/hour (I work part time, pm shift, 8 hour shifts)
    NO BENEFITS, except a tiny bit of vacation time that is seldom
    approved. If I accept a shift where I am called in to cover for
    someone who is ill, I receive $7.50/hour bonus pay.

    Jane Ann
  4. by   pabamick
    BSN Nurse for 27 yrs, ICU-CCU, 26.25hr.
  5. by   hogan4736
    Urgent care staff nurse, nights; Th, F, Sat
    25/hr base; 2.00 night diff, .50 weekend diff; .80 charge diff

    Made 60,000 this year...NO overtime, 12 days a month

    But my extra 'fun money'...first aid station @ Bank One Ballpark and America West Arena 1-2 days/month...Was at game two of the World Series this year AND saw Eric Clapton up close and personal, all w/ minimal pt care, and any seat I want (standing actually)...15/hr...Who the hell cares what they pay me for that job!!!!!!
  6. by   LindaHP
    RN staff nurse Per Diem (no benefits)

    Home Health (after 10 years acute care experience)

    23.50 per hour at job #1
    48.00 per new patient and 36.00 per revisit at job #2
    70.00 per insurance assessment (approximately one to two hours of work) at job #3

    Would love more work at job #3 : )

    LVN since 1983 then RN since 1989

    I do want to add that as an LVN I thought I knew a lot. Then I went to RN school and there was a lot more to learn. Now that I have been an RN for many years I KNOW I am ignorant to most fields that I am not currently working in : )
  7. by   grouchy

    How did you get that cool first-aid job????
  8. by   hogan4736
    through word of mouth

    the company (First Responders) is owned by an RN...he had been the director of several ERs in Phx...He convinced Colangelo and his people that RNs and EMTs would do a better job then the paramedic company that had held the contract for years...

    we have a 'medical director' but he's never there (except for the World Series! LOL)...we have standing ACLS protocol orders, have had 2 codes (0 for 2 unfortunately)...have done an occasional IV hydration, some narcan, and a lot of 'hit by foul balls or hockey pucks'

    a great (almost non-nursing) gig!
  9. by   nurseyoda
    After first year 1 full time RN in Twin Cities,MN.
    $4 night dif
    Full Benefits, not agency
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  10. by   LilgirlRN
    It's sad that a nurse with one year of experience can make more money than one with 15 years. I have ACLS, TNCC and PALS and an RN with a year's worth of experience makes more than I do. I have no idea about the cost of living in Minneapolis. Could be that's the reason, still pisses me off though.
  11. by   nurseyoda
    sorry just taken what their givin
    Cost of living is not that bad but the taxes suck
  12. by   NursiePooh
    I worked at a large area hospital for 5 years, doing Med-surg nursing. I have a BSN and i was only making 17.99 an hour.

    I left there and took a Staff Development Position in a Long Term Care and Nursing Rehab facility. I'm making $20.00/hr and i'm salary. 9-5 Monday through Friday. Holidays and weekends off. I dont understand why any nurse would want to work weekends and holidays and get paied less or the same. I should of changed jobs long ago.
  13. by   hogan4736
    I don't understand why anyone would want to work 20 days/month...I work 12 days a month (3-13s...every W,Th,F.)