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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   semstr
    1 RN
    2 19 years
    3 Nurse Educator (work mo-fr, 35 hr)
    4 about 1350$, but their mine! Taxes, pension, insurances etc. are paid for by the goverment.
    32 days annual leave, 100% when sick for 3 months, then it goes down to 75%, but never below that for as long as necessary.
    And when I lose my job, I get a social- pay, is about 80% of my last salary. (but only when I lose my job, not when I quit)

    We've got an absolute different system here.
  2. by   pchub
    I am an RN (ADN) with15 years of experience in the same hospital. I make 23.66 base pay. I work 12 hour shifts from 3pm - 3am. We get a $4.00 per hour night dif for 11-3. I work labor and delivery, post partum and newborn nursery. We've added gyn surgicals in the last couple of years. I've decided to go into travel nursing next spring as I feel I need the best pay I can get for the work I do. I am so tired of the politics involved in nursing today and I hope there will a lesser amount of that with travel nursing. I'd love to hear from anyone with advice about traveling if you have time! Hopefully we'll be meeting one another some time.
  3. by   moz
    (plus shift diff for nocs)
  4. by   shannonRN
    1. RN, BSN
    2. 3 months
    3. med/surg/tele (1 year rehab)
    4. 17.25/hour $1 charge nurse for E and N, $0.90 shift diff for E and N, no weekend diff.
    5. NW Indiana

    wish i was in texas with dplear!!!
  5. by   2dogs
    1. RN
    2. ER now CCC previously
    3. 6 yrs RN 1 yr LPN
    4. $23.95/hr + $1.50 shift diff + work 36 hrs/week - get paid for 40hrs
    5. Wisconsin

    Looking at all the posts I ain't got it too bad.....
  6. by   caringRNne
    I am a new RN grad (MAY 2001)
    work as a charge nurse at a nursing home and prn nurse at hosp.
    18.50/hr at nursing home
    18/hr at hosp anything over 8 hours day overtime
  7. by   shunda
    When you find out how much the nurses make in Mobile, Alabama please let me know LPN or RN.

  8. by   nursiev
    $17.99 + $1.00 shift diff
    cleveland area
  9. by   monyresearch
    Although it may be obvious from some of our user names, it would be relevant I think to state whether we are male or female. I was surfung and came across this thread. I think it's great how open you all are in regards to your salary. I am attempting to do research on female salaries to prove how they are still underpaid in virtually all sectors of the workplace and many places I ask, I get the old "it's none of your business" type of answers. Does anybody here know where I can find out female salaries in any field in an attempt to document that such "unfairness" still exists (sadly) in this day and age?
  10. by   jayna
    Post a new thread about that topic... This one is already way too expensive ..lots of stars already....

    You have a good topic there..... and it will be great posting it new.


  11. by   monyresearch
    OK, the new topic is posted called "female salaries". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. by   kids
    -RN (ADN)
    -11 years
    -Pediatric Homecare-Clinical Coordinator
    -SW WA

    do get Admin benies, still work 2 shifts/wk in the field (weekends) plus have to cover any unstaffed shifts-no differentials. Oncall 24/7 (my choice, avg 2 calls/wk) for no pay.

    Took this position 4 months ago @ $19/hr, got a raise 6 wks later.

    Made $16/hr @ my first job 11 years ago as a staff RN in LTC.

    Wouldn't go to Texas for love-but money might get me there
  13. by   GERINRS
    1 yr.