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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   MARYE
    Originally posted by progeria

    ALL fo my pts are "going bad" as you say. ie questions about current CODE status. When I am in hte buliding there is no RN. Just me and another LVN. We have both been paramedics.
    Me on the Army Special Forces side. Her on the civilian side.
    NOTE the RN we do have just took off this incorrect order. Anyone with common knowledge would at least question it. It read: Levoquin 500mg po QID. this is 4 times the max. dose.
    AND it was charted as given. SO guess who played clean-up?
    RN's are Great. BUT fate it seams sticks me with the dumb ones.
    Just by reading your quote Progeria I could really tell how INTELLIGENT you are. Why all RN's can not spell as well as you can and we certainly can't take orders off correctly. Why we really need more of you in our hospitals to clean up behind us. HA!!! Do you really think that we BELIEVE you? You are one of those people who by opening your mouth allow others to know your IQ. After reading your quotes, I thought immediately, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN!" But as I continued to read, I got even madder. You probably can't even clean up behind your own self much less an RN. If you have had a bad experience with a particular nurse that doesn't give you the right to group them. How many RN's do you think have had problems with an LPN? I don't know many RN's that would group them either. I certainly do not. I have worked with excellent LPN's. You need to go back to school and learn how to spell and have someone teach you about professional etioquete. You will not make it long in the NURSING profession.
  2. by   pegg rn
    2 years
    18.60 hr + 3.00 for nights and 1.00 for charge.
    central tx
    and as for the houston deal. i had a few friends go down there on travel assignments. sure they mada alot of money, but....
    who actually wants to live in houston tx!!!
  3. by   bedpanman
    1. bsn/rn
    2. 4 years
    3. neurosurgical icu
    4. $23.34
    -- $33.00 as pool nurse second job
    and to think I originally started working for $11.85 as a staff nurse in Guam! Of course I hear of agency RNs filling staff positions a pulling in 80,000-100,000 a year, but they work there a@#es off and I like to think of myself as a little more mentally balanced than some of those chain smoking crazies!
  4. by   RunningSoLate
    I am making $48.00 an hour weekends, Baylor. SICU 32 years experience. With full benefits.

    If I was working a 36 hour week/ plan it would be $25.00 an hour with shift diff of 3.50 for 3-11 shift tacked on and $4.00 an hour for nite shift diff. And if I worked any weekends, an extra $3.00 an hour on top of all that. Full benefits. Atlanta, Georgia.
  5. by   Alexanderia
    1.LPN 2. 15yrs. /7yrs. Home Health included
    3. LTC
    4. $14.00 + shift differential
  6. by   jwjef
    Hi Folks;

    One (1) month
  7. by   nilepoc
    1. RN, Charge
    2. 4 years
    3. Trauma Surgical Burn ICU
    4. 25$/hr 28$ after differential
    with some double time shifts, >65k/yr
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  8. by   JillR
    2, 1 i/2yrs

    4. 18.13/hr jusst restructured
  9. by   Mayra
    9 years
    I tried to convert to dolar it and had will to"s 5 (FIVE) dollar/hour .
  10. by   3230
    14 yrs.
    Pediatric ICU N.Y. metro area
    32.39 hr. plus 2.67 night diff
  11. by   jc4304
    Originally posted by ClariceS
    92 K in Tx must be a mistake. My highest paid staff nurses make about $19/h and have put in about 20 years for this hospital.
    22 yrs
    Pediatric home care
    Varies: $18-25/hr
    Central Texas
    I get paid 13 bucks as a CNA here in california, thats weird. I guess it must be way cheeper to live in some places where they pay R.N so little. RN here in california start off at 44 bucks per hour.
  13. by   Andie CCURN
    RN, for little over 5 years , work in CCU for 1 year, $25.08/hr including noc diff.