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  1. by   hsmom24boys
    I Live in Southeast Alabama. 15 years experience as a RN mostly Peds and OB now working for the largest Hospital in 100 miles as a telephone triage nurse. Our starting salary is (can you believe it) $11.25. We top out at $19.00/hr They only give experience differential for up to 10 years experience. Our shift dif is 8% evening, 16 % nights no weekend or holiday diff, no benefits for prn and no extra pay for prn work. Charge pay is 50 cents an hour and you make 50 cents/hr for a BSN. I have worked here for 2 1/2 years and make about $17.00/hour with benefits for part time work at a higher rate ($ 247.00 month for dental and health insurance) than a full time empoyee and prorated vacation and sick time. Our top merit raise is 4% but no one ever gets more than a 3%. Wanna come work here?
  2. by   lactationrn
    RN PRN
    Peds/PICU/Mother-baby couplet care
    25.54 base
    28.54 night shift weeknight
    31.54 ngiht shift weekend
    Albuquerque NM
    9 years experience
  3. by   Future LPN Sheryl
    CNA, $12.12 an hour. When I graduate as an LPN if I stay at my current job I'll make $21.00 an hour. I get 90% of my medical paid for, I pay $16.00 a week for a family plan. I work for the city.
  4. by   lactationrn
    The best $$ I ever made was travelling! if you get into a big city like Phoenix for example. you can do travel assignments and never have to move! there are several hospitals there and you can go from one facility to the next making top dollar and have benefits as well as free rent! I miss travelling

    made 21.50/hr
    $900 housing allowance/month
    health insurance $50 /mo
    end of contract bonuses paid by agency up to $700
    end of contract bonuses paid by hispital up to $3500! all for a 3 month comitment!
    dont get much better than that!!!
  5. by   littlepotato
    I have been an LPN in LTC for 6 years in MN. I started at $9.98/hr as a new grad. I work ON-CALL @ 32 hours a week and currently make $16.44/hr. Because I work ON-CALL I do not get the state approved wage increases, and I am at the top of the pay scale in my facility set for LPN's. I do get a "longegevity bonus" because I have been with the company for over 5 years. That is 3% of your last years wages. I consider myself lucky. My sister and brother have had various jobs, never paying much, and they hate their jobs. I love my job and consider that before I became a nurse I only made $7.25/hr in a factory, which back then I thought was OK. I have taken assessment tests to start the RN program, but i have only done LTC and am fearful of any other area of nursing. I have thought of the military nursing options but am yet undecided. Being that I am at the top of the pay scale, I have to move on and go for my RN.
  6. by   Magicat
    rn bsn
    4 years
    base rate $16.44/hr
    evening shift differential $18.08
    weekend shift differential $22.60
    $1.00/hr oncall
    med surg and icu
    and i have an extremely long commute......five minutes
    is this good or bad or what???


    nursing fun
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  7. by   angil
    I've been a RN for 7 years. I work for the State as an Infection Control Coordinator. I make 54,000. + a year, with full benefits.
  8. by   lalaxton
    16 years as RN
    2 years as NP

    Looks like Texas is not the only place with some high wages, I just saw a job posting on for RN's in Cincinatti with a BASE RATE of up to $46/hr plus $4/hr shift diff.
  9. by   SusieQ1243
    Maybe I am missing something (been out of the clinical setting for 5 years... about to go back) but it seems to me if the agencies and travel companies can demand the big pay rates and benefits packages, why don't all nurses join the agencies?

    Please be gentle with me... but this just seems like a no-brainer.
  10. by   Eileen850
    RN,C (gerontology)
    10 yrs as LPN, 18 yrs as RN
    Director of Nursing in small LTC facility
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  11. by   KC CHICK
    Kansas City, Missouri

    1. Graduate nurse - ADN
    2. Working for 1 month ( no previous nursing experience of any kind - first job in a hospital.)
    3. Surgery - Circulating Nurse (in training)
    4. 17.56/hr (36,500/yr) then 17.81/hr (37,000/yr) after passing boards
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  12. by   SusieQ1243
    10 years
    Self-employed co-owner of assisted living facility (last 5 yrs)

    Sorry to say, assisted living is not the huge money-maker everyone thinks it is... the people who own them aren't rolling in dough (unless you own several, maybe). Huge overhead.
  13. by   jmccrn

    6 years

    Cardiac Surgery ICU

    $25/hr with full benefits not including $5-7/hr shift diff