How many of you had a different career/education before becoming an RN? - page 6

just curious b/c I went to school for psychology & right now I'm in graduate school for social work. I am thinking of switching to nursing before finishing up my MSW b/c I'm so anxious to earn the... Read More

  1. by   IndyGal
    I've worked in publishing for the last 12 years. Low pay, frequent layoffs, heavy overtime, and the knowledge that they can (and do) replace experienced people with bright-eyed English majors just out of college who will work loads of overtime for free.

    Now I'm looking to go back to school so that I can do something that matters and have some job security at the same time. I always wanted to be a nurse growing up (had teachers talk me out of it), so hey... never too late, right?
  2. by   MizDnurse2b
    Worked for 9 years as an analyst for a large health insurance company....had to get out of that cubicle!! I had worked as a medical assistant prior to that and really liked it.....Now I'm in my 1st semester of LPN school...planning on transitioning to RN eventually.