how many do you know?

  1. that wanted to get into nursing school so bad but didn't?

    that got into nursing school but didn't make it to the end?

    I know a lot of peolple who are trying to get into nursing school and it is so hard to get in. I was rejected 5 times from my local school that I had to go cross county to go to nursing school

    I know one person who got in before I did at the school where I wanted to go, and he even got a scholarship with a hospital.. where all the classes he would take at the hospital... and he ended up quiting after a month because he had to clean an elderly man at a nursing home....

    I thought it is not fair that people who have no passion or no drive to be in nursing school get in so fast, while I love nursing and always wanted to be a nurse, had to struggle to get there... but I am a brand new RN now!! woo hoo!!!
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  3. by   Tweety

    Too bad there isn't a way to measure those who really aren't cut out for nursing and are going to quit right away from the ones with a true passion.

    Best wishes in all that you.
  4. by   sharlynn
    Quote from Tweety

    Too bad there isn't a way to measure those who really aren't cut out for nursing and are going to quit right away from the ones with a true passion.

    Best wishes in all that you.
    Even worse- the ones who aren't cut out for it, but stay in nursing anyway!
  5. by   al7139
    I know so many people who are smart, kind caring people who did not make the cut. I feel so bad for them. It seems to me that lots of nursing schools (all?) base their acceptance on grades, and not on who is truly cut out for the career of nursing.
    My class started with 106 students. At graduation, we had 80something. Out of those graduating, there were very few who I would trust to care for me or a loved one. And most of my opinion on that is based on personality and NOT on GPA! I started college late in life (30something). I had worked in Veterinary Medicine for 16 years prior, and since alot of my medical knowledge translated to human medicine, I thought I would have it easy. My prereqs were a breeze (had a 4.0 GPA). Nursing School was a rude awakening! I had based so much up till that point on my perfect grades!
    I had to get used to being an "average" student fast! I graduated with a C average. After 5 semesters of nursing school, I was very proud of my accomplishment. All my friends were just like me...Not great with the "book learning", but in clinicals, we were in our element. FYI, the student who got top honors in our class was perhaps very smart and aced the exams, but personality sucked, and she did not have a good bedside manner.
    In my opinion, booksmarts are important in nursing, but it's how you treat your patients that makes you a great nurse, or just another body. Your patients don't care if you graduated with honors, they care that you will do your best to see them walk out of the hospital, no matter what it takes.
    Those people who go into nursing for the pay are not in the right field. Also those who think they are above cleaning up poop.
    I used to hear certain students complain that they were past giving bed baths and changing incontinent patients. That really got to me, because I feel as nurses we are there for whatever the pt needs. Yes I try to delegate, but if my NA is swamped, I help out with basic care.
    Nursing is not a glamorous high paying job. It is dirty, smelly, tiring, and ugly at times. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't do anything else, no matter how much poop or vomit I have to deal with!
    I think it should be a requirement for prospective nursing students to shadow a nurse to see what they are going to be doing, and then decide if it is the career for you. Also, although a strong foundation is important, I believe that not everyone looks great on paper, but should still be given the chance.
  6. by   joprasklpn
    I agree with the above poster. I had a friend in school who just could not keep up with the speed of class. Every thing is so rushed and if you are not good with note and test taking it is easy to get discouraged and fall behind. She would always be asking for my notes and stuff because she just could not get her own written fast enough in class, but she was the nicest person and turned out to be a good nurse. Then you have people who pick up the book smarts without much effort and they look great on paper, but totally suck as people in general and they are out there providing care. GO FIGURE.
  7. by   bigredrn57
    I achieved my ADN at a community college. At the time I was working full time as a PCT in Trauma/Vascular. Basically, when I wasn't working I was at school. Many other students had similar backgrounds. We had to have all our pre-requisites done with a 2.5 GPA to qualify for nursing school. Some students were brilliant in class but were unable to apply their newfound knowledge. Of the 22 who were admitted to the program 5 finished. If they thought you didn't have what it takes to be a nurse you didn't make the cut. It all depends on what motivates you. Are you there to care for the patient or to ''do a job and look good.'' The patient can sense who really cares. When I do good. I don't know how much good I do.