How is your hospital prepared for SARS?

  1. I was just wondering how other hospitals in other areas are dealing with SARS. If there is active cases in the hospital are all staff wearing masks etc.? Is there a screening tool for staff and visitors? are there transfer protocols? How are other hospitals prepared in case of an outbreak in their area? Or is no preparation done? just curious.
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  3. by   a-rose
    All of nurses in china are wearing mask when we are in a wardeven if not SARS. In the SARS- sickroom, all staff wearing 2 masks and two or more clothing separated and glasses etc. In other area where there is no SARS case, there is outpatient department where patient has fever will be examined and treated. If someone maybe a SARS, one will be transferred into special sickroom or hospital. All staff in the fever-s outpatient department are wearing 2 masks or one thick mask two separated clothing and glasses and one or more shoes covers and two gloves. All of ground, goods, atmosphere and waste etc. will be disinfected. Many times a day. ___.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    My infection control nurse has just issued a policy essentially treating SARS patients like TB...airborne isolation in reverse airflow rooms. Except the special masks can only be worn one time then must be replaced. She is working on a more detailed policy to come. We have no SARS here (yet) but I'm glad she is taking precautions.
  5. by   healthyone
    first case of sars in russia in a township bordering china. it was a gentleman who worked in a hotel that many orientals frequented.

    they've now closed their borders with china in an effort to contain the disease.

    my question is: why hasn't canada done the same? they sure have enough sick (and dead) people around now to warrant the need for this.
  6. by   toronto rn
    I think Canada, or at least Toronto is no more suseptable to people bringing in the virus than any other country. Closing borders is an extremely drastic measure. Economics aside, SARS is predominately in the hospital setting at this point, so a closed border wouldn't solve anything. Although the initial case came from China, most other cases have developed within the localized area of the hospitals. Screening people is the key, which is why I am interested in how other hospitals are prepared.
  7. by   oramar
    I wonder where that guy in West Virginia got it? I know he was in Toronto. I am just wondering where the hospital connection came to bare. I am also worrying he was a community based infection.