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hi, im doing my thesis and i would just like to ask how does overtime effect you in the following aspects 1. family 2. physically/psychologically 3. economical 4. socially... Read More

  1. by   K O'Malley
    I worked tons of overtime in 2001, one stretch was 14 days of 12 hr+ shifts. I was cranky all the time, I wrecked my joints to the point where I don't know if my dream of walking tours in Europe and other places will ever happen. Bum hip, bum knees. We paid taxes out the wazoo. My house was a wreck. It just wasn't worth it.
  2. by   deespoohbear
    Originally posted by ebeRN
    1. family
    2. physically/psychologically
    3. economical
    4. socially

    I don't usually pick up much OT either because I am already full time. Very rarely I will pick up an 8 hour shift (I work 12's) to fill a hole or help a co-worker out. It sure isn't to help out the management....

    1. When I do work OT, I miss out on time with my family. My husband is pretty understanding and so our my kids....But it is very rare that I work OT. Sometimes I get stuck finishing paperwork, but that isn't voluntary...

    2. Working 12's is exhausting enough, so any OT really wipes me. Psychologically, I burn out real quick if the floor is exceptionally busy or I have demanding patients/families. That probably bothers me more than the physical aspects of OT.

    3. Working a lot of OT doesn't really pay that much more by the time Uncle Sam takes his share of the pie....I guess if you work for a company that matches contributions into a pension fund, then it might be worth it.....

    4. I have no idea what a social life is...working full time and being a parent pretty much squashes any social time. I do manage to go out with a SIL of mine once in a blue moon and some friends from church, but otherwise I am a homebody...

    Hope this helps you out in your thesis....
  3. by   ebeRN
    thanks alot for all your inputs.... it will be really useful for me...
    again please keep them coming
  4. by   purplemania
    I am 55 yr old and never work overtime (voluntarily) because there is a negative effect on all areas you mentioned. I work to finance my life but work is NOT my life.
  5. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    First of all Debby, I just realized you stole mkue's avatar! It's been throwing me off all day! :chuckle

    Second, overtime doesn't effect me at all. I rarely do it for the same reasons mentioned by SmilingBluEyes.

    Heather: mkue is the one who told me about it! It is there to CELEBRATE THE VICTORY ***WOOO HOOO*** I will choose some other avatar later!! Sorry if I confused you!
  6. by   ebeRN
    thanks again...
    so many helpful people on this board...
  7. by   nimbex
    how does overtime effect you

    in the following aspects

    1. family - husband is stay at home dad, the 3 kids understand my need to work and the benefit of having a parent home 24/7. Its hard to be the one dislocated from the family, even though by choice. I have to work even harder AT HOME to keep marriage, and family life healthy.... so I enjoy the kids more often than I would have.... learned to appreciate the group more.

    2. physically/psychologically - I run 24/7 on burn out, needing to pick up OT when ever it is... be it 3 extra shifts one week.... and wake up early to spend time with family and be "happy", when I want to curl up in a corner some days and veg.

    3. economical - that's why I do the OT, husband, an engineer was laid off, essentially downsized... we made this choice.... some days easier than others but it does work well for us.

    4. socially - Only has changed for us because I work nights. We spend much more time with my nursing friends on the same shift, staying up till 4am on night off. Poor husband than gets up at 6am with kids, joins me in bed for nap later. We have spent less time with friends on "regular"schedules because of this.