How do you stay so organized?

  1. How do you stay so organized as an RN? I have a hard time in school with just two patients. I can only imagine having like 6. What specifically do you do to assure you do things in a timely manner and stay organized?
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  3. by   imafostermom
    It comes with time and learning a routine. When I started, I wrote down everything so I could concentrate on my patient and then run it through my head again after I left the room. It really will get better with experience. Have patience with yourseld as you learn.
  4. by   Midwest4me
    Make a list and prioritize. Experience IS the best teacher.
  5. by   jjensen
    I write down everything and it does take time... Think of learning anything new and how it took time to become proficient... Even riding your bike... Don't fret, you will get it...
  6. by   Be_Moore
    Experience is the key. As you practice nursing, things will become intuitive such that you don't have to think about them as much. For example, if I am going to give digoxin I already know that I need to know a heart rate's not something I actually have to stop and think about anymore.

    Also, it's a lot easier to work without a clinical instructor looking over your back and/or having to report to them every 2 seconds.
  7. by   RNperdiem
    Understand that interruption after interruption is going to happen, especially in med-surg.
    I had to learn how to get back on task after answering the call light, answering the phone, and running to the utility room for forgotten supplies.
    I learned that the day had a basic structure that began with assessments and then the first rounds of meds.
  8. by   JBudd
    I made myself a chart, patients down the side, hours across the top. I put into the squares the routine stuff, like VS at the times they were called for, and meds with route( not the whole med, just if I had to do po or IVPB, etc.) and planned out what I would try to get done each hour. Then mark off stuff as it was done, and I could see if I was getting behind or not.

    So if I had 4 or 5 IVPBs to mix and hang at 9 AM, I knew that wasn't the hour I was going to be able to do a big dressing change or something.