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I need advice...I work med/surg, and if we miss a scheduled weekend, we have to make it up. Well, guess what. My makeup weekend is working "with" the biggest ***** I've ever seen. I am so... Read More

  1. by   soundsLikesirens
    A surprise for me: I'd thought I could get along with ANYBODY. I'd thought I liked everybody..............NOT!!!!!!!
  2. by   Mijourney
    Hi soundslikesiren. I'm glad you make it through your weekend. Your post seems to indicate that you had more than a plateful with floating and patient care. Did I read correctly, EIGHT FS blood sugars at one time?! With insulin coverage?! That's amazing. If I was still in the hospital setting, "godzilla" would be second fiddle if I got a load similar to yours. With a patient load like yours, I'd probably look at "godzilla" as if I were looking through her and keep truckin'. As you did, I would have exercised judgment in calling in for the next night and not because of "godzilla." Is it standard for a nurse to be assigned a high ratio of patients who require crucial monitoring to be performed by the nurse at the same time? Even though perhaps not perceived as crucial as blood sugars, I also think it's ridiculous for one nurse to be assigned a high ratio of patients where each patient may require IVPB to be hung frequently. Am I being overly concerned about this?

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  3. by   grammied50
    Originally posted by soundsLikesirens:
    I need advice...I work med/surg, and if we miss a scheduled weekend, we have to make it up. Well, guess what. My makeup weekend is working "with" the biggest ***** I've ever seen. I am so dreading this. Usually, things don't bother me...I mean, I like everybody I work with and I can get along with about everybody.....but this "nurse" doesn't like anybody...the last time I worked with her, she really pissed me off. She gets mad...ALL THE TIME...she is hostile, hateful, and spews venom on everyone....I can't stand the thought of working 2 twelve hour shifts with this ***** . Because, I know she is going to get me mad....the last time I "worked with" her, she came up to me when I was checking orders on a chart...she was simmering (as usual) and started mouthing off to me while I was TRYING TO CONCENTRATE ON WHAT I WAS DOING...I got pissed, turned around and told her to get away from me; that I wasn't interested in what she had to say...she did, but kept making comments under her breath...God, I got SO mad. I didn't say anything else but I was so pissed I could feel my blood pumping and I hate that feeling. To top it all off, we won't even have a clinical leader that weekend. There will be one other RN scheduled for 12, with more seniority than us, so hopefully she will make the assignments, etc. God I dread it......any advice?????? I am considering going to my unit manager and asking if there is ANY WAY to get out of working this this ***** help
    if i am not mistaken, this person't behavior may fall under "work place violence". it needs to be addressed by your nurse manager asap. if she chooses not to do so,then contact human resources. this is a serious issue. it is how more violent things start! is is abuse and should not be tolerated. if admin. does not respond,see your union rep. if you have one. deb
  4. by   soundsLikesirens
    Hi everyone. I thought this thread was closed, until I just happened to be passing by, just happened to be in the neighborhood and, know. Actually, "Godzilla" is looking better every day because my regular group - the group I've been boasting and bragging about - now they're starting to act up. God, is there no end to it? The last night I worked was awful - I ended up in the hallway at 6am, venting to a really wonderful LPN...I was okay until she hugged me...then I started to boo-hoo. I was just so torn-up; so disappointed in my group, the ones I'd been bragging about. It was awful. It probably didn't help that I didn't take all my days off, but took a 12-hour shift but for DOUBLE-TIME - I couldn't say no! However, I am in the midst of three nights off and I am taking them all, I don't care what they are offering....the time off has done me good. I've decided to stick it out for a year, for the experience (I've been there almost 6 months already), and then I am going to investigate ICU nursing. There's an ACLS class starting soon and I registered for it today. So at least I'll know I'm not stuck there...I'll have some options, if I want them. It pays to think ahead, to prepare and plan. Also, I feel like I need it to float to the telemetry floor.........thanks for all the comments.
  5. by   mustangsheba
    Six months is enough where you are, sweetie. Get your ACLS and move on.
  6. by   soundsLikesirens
    The two positions in ICU are supposedly coming open in June, so I'll be hangin' around nearly a year, anyway. Plus I wonder if it would be any different anywhere else. But, at least in ICU I wouldn't routinely have ten to twelve patients. Anyway, just knowing that I don't have to stay there; that it isn't permanent, will make it easier, I am sure.......