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My first experience with an "unhappy MD" made me feel worthless. From that moment on I decided to adopt my own "plan of attack" Case: I call the MD for orders at 3am. Instead, I receive... Read More

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    Originally posted by yannadey
    I usually start off charming them "oh I'm so sorry to wake you at 2am doc but as you know its the policy " then i tell him/her what i need & suggest (if its a recurring problem e.g. injuries r/t falls) to make it a standing order they usually agree.
    Why do you have to charm ANYONE? This a REAL problem in nursing and a reason why we can't get respect. I really believe you mean well--- BUT-----Setting a precendent by prefacing your calls with "I'm sorry" in a cutsey and charming way makes you look to blame for doing what is expected. Why are you so sorry? It is their job to deal with night calls just as it is YOURS to report what you have to at night. Dont be sorry. Just be professional.
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by sixes
    I had a Doc like that once.
    I kindly said Thank You, I'll document your comments and say that you refused to give orders.
    Never happened again> (LOL):roll

    THAT's what I am talking about! Works very well for me! good for YOU!:kiss