how do you program yourself to sleep.....

  1. ive been working night duty for around 6 years now and i find im sleeping less and less as time goes by. i work full time 10 shifts a fortnight and im lucky if i get 4hrs sleep a day. i live by myself and you would think i would have no problems but my problem isnt usually going to sleep its staying asleep. i just tend to wake up 1, 2, 3hrs after ive gone to sleep. i dont take any meds, i have tried herbal/natural meds. i dont want to take temaz or anything like that (i dont want to become dependent on them) im not on any other meds, i dont drink coffee or tea. ive taken the tv out of the bedroom and im exercising more i just sleep like a bastard. its a real problem when going to visit friends or i stay at my girlfriends or she stays here. every one is just lucky i dont turn into a cranky bastard because of lack of sleep. it probably came to a head when i was away a few weeks ago and i only had about 3hrs sleep in 4 days. i was dead tired but just couldnt sleep and when i did it was only for an hr. on my days off i generally keep to night duty mode. i know the answer is to get off nights and thats what i plan to do in 6months to a year but in the mean time any advice would help
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    ive also just brought a new bed and pillows but that hasnt even helped. i know i need to loose weight and my girlfriend says i snore like a bastard.....alot of the times though i am awake when she says im snoring. i prbably need some sleep studies done but that is a problem as they are done during the night......when im awake/working
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    vitamin supplement....melatonin....not medical advice, just what works for me
  5. by   THOMP974
    If you are wanting to get a sleep study done I think you should still check with your doctor about getting one anyways. Where I work PRN I schedule sleep studies for the daytime all the time for those patients that work a 2nd or 3rd shift job. Your local facility may have this as an option for you as well. As for my advise on sleeping....I have learned not to eat anything 4 hrs prior to me wanting to go to sleep, on evenings I feel a bit wired I take a benardyl about 1 hr before I go home especially if I know I have to be up early for my other job or class. I also use chamomile or peppermint tea to help calm me down and I sleep with a fan on year round to drown out some outside noise. Good luck, you know your body and will find something that works. I finially did!!
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    I've been on nights for 13 yrs and have yet to find one solid thing that works. I use a combo of things. I have my bedroom window sealed with black plastic and I have a dark shade that I can pull down. I also have a noise machine that plays different noises over and over and zzzzzzzzzzzz(sorry I fell asleep thinking about it). It plays different sounds like a train, running water, crickets...etc. Some may bother you but others may work. I have tried a lot of other things but these are the ones that have worked more so than not. It sucks working nights but my life right now can't accomodate days. Good luck and I hope something works.My noise machine I got for a present and I really enjoy it when I am having trouble falling asleep. Also when I wake up and need a few more hours I juzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, sorry just thinking about puts me out. I just lay there and play the train track over and over. I works
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    I have a ritual that helps me, and I can use benadryl 25 mg if I can get 6-8 hours of sleep (groggy if I get less).

    Typically I can take a bath or shower, and the hot water helps me to relax (I dont' do this part daily at night...I typically take showers before shift). This really relaxes me.

    Regardless if I do that or not...I get into my jammies (or actually...LOL, I don't wear those often so in the buff I go) after brushing teeth, and other hygeine, drink some "sleepy time" or other tea that relaxes me I have the kettle going while I do my hygeine so it is ready!) and read a good book in a quiet and dark bedroom, or watch some mellow TV till I fall asleep (my hubby likes to have the TV on, so I have had to adapt! GRRRR!).

    The trick is that I really make it a routine so my body knows...hey, oh yeah the sleep routine!

    Another thing I do, and this may not work with when my head hits that pillow, I actually try to visualize the dream I wish to color! One day it may be wizards and being a midevil lady, or even being back in the western days...anything to get my mind thinking of dreams and sleep. If you try to visualize in is tough and you will be asleep in no time! LOL! (akin to reading a very boring book! LOL!). This for me works every time, but I have one heck of a very vivid imagination! (last night I wanted to search for treasure in Egypt!).

    IF I am having a tough night, which does occur...I will get headphones on and listen to classical mellow music on my CD player really low (as not to disturb hubby and so I can hear my alarm in the AM). I will hit repeat if I need it, but I found having it on auto repeat can make you miss your alarm in the morning...LOL!

    Good luck and I hope some of this can be of help to you!