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I hear alot of nurses being attacked by patients personally i dont know any who have been attacked. I volunteer in the ER and i never seen anybody get physically assaulted. I wanna be a ER RN so... Read More

  1. by   abundantjoy07
    It is VERY common. It was a part of a discussion in my Dimensions of Nursing class. It's sad but very real.

    Oh, btw, my granny who was a nurses aide back in the day told me about this doctor who came to work either partially drunk or on drugs. He was mad because his spinal tap was not working out for him. He kept missing his spot on the patient. He was so agitated he kept repeatedly jabbing the patient. Then he swore and threw the syringe across the room. My granny ducked and shot out of there. Good job granny!
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  2. by   Farkinott
    Quote from ayndim
    If I ever see (still a student) a staff member assualted by a pt or if I am ever I will be calling 911. Just because we are nurses, aides or techs does not mean we should be assualted. It is still illegal. And we have every right to call the police. If the pt is altered or ped it might be different. But even so everyone has the right to a safe workplace. I worked in management (not nursing mgmt) before I had kids. And we would not have tolerated this behavior from our clients. Why should nurses have to? After all these are grown people who should not leave their manners at the door. If they are going to act like a criminal they should be treated like one and be arrested.
    Thank you for this post. You are the first person I have heard/read that expresses the same opinion as me in regard to zero tolerance of violence towards nurses. Thankfully my workplace fully supports the same ideology but it is still a battle to get nurses to report infractions.
    Many folk I work with still think it is part and parcel of the job to accept abuse and violence. It takes a lot of energy to persist with the crusade of "no violence towards nurses", but it is a cause I believe in.
    Until we become as "untouchable" as judges, police officers, doctors, social workers, social security staff, waiters etc. we will be considered fair game.