how can i score a job in a dept. w/o a degree?

  1. hi everyone....its me again and i have a question.....i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how i can score a job in a dermatologist's office while waiting to start the nursing program? Anyone out there work in their field prior to beginning the program? If so, please share your secrect on how you got your foot in the door.
    thanks for any replies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Well, you can send out your applications to area doc offices and state you're looking for an entry level position: filing, answering phones, etc. Do you have any secretarial or reception experience...that helps. Some offices will train. Good luck.
  4. by   colleen10
    If you are thinking of going the secretarial route in a derm. office until you start school you should consider going to a temp. agency too.
  5. by   krissypoo
    thanks for the replies, but no, no typing skills. We'll see whats out there.....
  6. by   manna
    All I can say is... good luck! If the area you live in is as job-starved as it is here, you'd be lucky getting a job at all - much less one without any relevant skills.

    Sorry to be a bummer, hope it works out for you - it never hurts to apply!