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I am researching areas to relocate to upon graduation (next year). I am very interested in Houston. I like the low cost of living and housing. When I go to find out info about Houston it is always... Read More

  1. by   AmyB
    I live in Pearland now and I love it.
  2. by   LilRedRN1973
    I grew up in Humble/Kingwood area and loved it. The school I went to was excellent (not sure if that's still true) and our neighborhoods were wonderful. We would have huge block parties and everyone babysat each other's kids. Everyone knew each other and the parents were all friends. I really miss that atmosphere. I am not sure how much the area has grown since I left (1994) but if I could take the weather from here and move it to Texas, I would be back in a heartbeat (I HATE the humidity and LOVE the snow).

    I also lived on Richmond, near Westheimer and loved it....of course, that's when I was young and liked to go out at night.

    As far as big cities go, I think Houston is one of the better ones. The people are great...very friendly, and the food is terrific. Very social atmosphere and Houstonians love to go out.

    I still defend the city to naysayers, even though I moved almost 10 years ago.
  3. by   lobeth
    umpiron: Does anyone know about the sign on bonuses or tuition reimbursement in texas I want to relocate to houston area without debt
  4. by   Retired R.N.
    Houston is already hot and muggy, and it only gets worse as the summer wears on.
  5. by   ZASHAGALKA
    I like the Bryan/College Station area. It's about 1.5 hrs north of Houston; 1.5hrs east of Austin; 3 hrs northeast of San Antonio; and 3 hrs southeast of DFW - all major cities within 3 hrs reach.

    Nice area, competitive hospitals, great place to raise kids.

    PM me if you want more info.

  6. by   mandana
    Just to toss this out for food for thought - if you're used to East Coast beaches, Gulf Coast beaches may leave a little to be desired. I have lived in SC and in Houston, and the beaches just don't compare. I'll fly to Myrtle Beach any day before I go to Galveston.

    That said, there is a lot to do in Houston and the cost of living is amazing. Texas Children's is a really amazing hospital. We're getting a pretty impressive Children's Hospital in Austin in 2007 too - check it out:


    It's currently under construction and will be state-of-the-art. I have no idea how they'll be able to staff it, they may end up having to offer some pretty impressive incentives.

    Good luck,