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It just really ticks me off how they glorify Doctors. They make them look like a lot of them are these great patient advocates with the time and desire to sit there and build a relationship with... Read More

  1. by   swatch007
    "... i just wanted to relax. it is weird that i still find myself watching grey's anatomy, ( i just like to look at the male docs in that show :-), i hardly see a goodlooking ones at work, because most of them are either too grumpy, old with potbelly, stuck up, or dorky looking." --rnhawaii34

    well, uhumm.. u really don't have to look at male docs because they are lots of "real male" nurses out there who are goodlooking too. if you want, i'll work with you to prove my point.

    i can tell you more about myself, but i don't want to sound bragging.

    c'mon fellow hunk nurses say something here! let these people know we are alive and kickin!! :spin:

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  2. by   nursejohio
    Quote from NICU_Nurse

    Yikes. Now I just watch Nip/Tuck. ;>)
    I watch Grey's and ER if they're on and I'm home, Nip/Tuck gets Tivo'd religiously! Did ya see the one of Mario Lopez in the shower?!?! *drool drool*
  3. by   MissJoRN
    I loved watching House bash administration!
    Sunnyjohn came closest to how I feel about there not being nurses on the show- what nurse in his/her right mind would agree to work with that group! I'm not putting my license on the line for unethical treatments and medical roulette! TV docs only have "licenses" and "insurance" because they have good script writers... I wish I had a good script writer at my job to bail me out in the last 5 minutes.

    Yes, last weeks episode did rub me the wrong way with that "Is this all nurses do?" bit but in general I don't think TV glorifies drs- it makes them look like arrogent, unethical people with no common sense but a lot of barely useless trivia who make constant errors and cure pts on dumb luck. Thank-you TV for ignoring us!!!
  4. by   noBS N
    It's just TV.

    I love the show grey's anatomy but I hate the main character of the show. I didn't even know she was the main character of the show until I realized her name was Grey. All she does is pity her love life. If I took the show as being close to real life I would think that all residents are experiencing unrequited love.