Hours problem

  1. Hi Nurses,
    I just wanted to find out if Nurses lack working hours. Or is there more than enough hours to work? Could Nurses also work more than 40 hours per week if they wish?
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  3. by   jnrsmommy
    As far as lacking hours go, I'd say that's a rarity. I thinks it depends on where you work. My old job, I routinely worked 4-5 12s per week (I had no life and I LOVED the money ). The place that I was just at, in 2 weeks, I had to work 80 hours, and they could screw w/ my schedule any way they wanted so long as it came to 80 hours (another reason I loathed that place).
  4. by   medchick
    On my unit we average 84 hours in 2 weeks and can sign up for additional shifts if we wanted to (doesn't mean we will get them). We work a generic schedule MTFSatSun one week and WTh the next.
  5. by   allantiques4me
    Where I work,they limit me to 32 hours a week,but I fill in when they need me. You could always do agency work.Lots of time and money there.
  6. by   Charity
    It all depends on the hospital and the unit. Our hospital is trying to limit hours worked consecutively (no more 16 hour shifts), but most nurses I know work more than 80 in a two week period. I work 60 one week and 36 the next. Some work 4 10 hour shifts a week... they are the only 40 hr a week people I know. Many nurses work extra days in other units. That is okay since it is on another payroll, and it counts towards "professional development" (our clinical ladder).

    Every couple of months a memo comes out about punching in and out on time, not to "ride the clock" but if we are busy it is perfectly okay to stay and help. We have people who come in early and go to breakfast.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    As an aide, I'm always on my 36hrs per week, and go home early or get called off due to census maybe once every 2-3 months....so generally, we're good hours wise, and I never see a nurse on low census, usually they will get pulled to another unit.
  8. by   clee1
    I am scheduled for five 8 hr shifts per week. A good 1/3 of the time I am called in early to work a 12 hr shift. Rare is the day off I get when they don't call me to ask if I'll work a shift. Even more rarely, I'll get a call-off. Tonight is one of those super-rare days....

    At my facility there is no lack of hours if you want to work.