Hospital Medication Test: Pre-employment

  1. I have been out of nursing for several years and am now going back to work. I have to go in and take a medication test before employment, does anyone know of an online site where I can take some sample tests? TIA for any help offered.
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  3. by   beano
    When I took my med test....I was allowed to use the PDR and other nursing drug references. I'm not sure if your facility will do the same, but it wouldn't hurt to ask someone to save yourself the stress.
  4. by   ParRN
    I just took the NLN Med test and while we wern't allowed any books or notes, we were given a list of about 75 drugs the test might cover. Also our orientation included a review the day before that was very helpful.
    So many nurses were taking three attempts to pass, my hosp. lowered the passing grade from 80% to 70%.
    While I passed on the first attempt, I was glad I studied! I thought the med test was harder than the bkat.
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    well Julie SN...aren't you a doll, you could be the role model for team work...I printed these and hope to pass them on and when I do i'll say from Julie SN BEFORE she joined the ranks, she was a shining example