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Where do you eat your meals when you are working? Do you bring food from home or does your job offer a canteen? Is the food offered to you good? Is the canteen food subsidized or is it free?... Read More

  1. by   Dixiedi
    Quote from BadBird
    I usually bring something or else order out. The food where I work isn't fit for pigs and it is expensive, no cost reduction for employees.
    How about the twist we have in home health care.

    I work primarily with 2 families. One family supplies the nurses with anything they might want. Meals, snacks, soda, everything! The other seems to be offended if you want to use a few ice cubes for a soda you forgot to put in the fridge.

    The family that provides out meals even goes out of their way to make sure there is soemthing tastey for me when they have beef (causes me tummy upset in the max for days). Wish mom was a better cook, no spice in her life.

    Most families are someplace in between.

    I worked with one baby and mother. Mom would get so upset if I brought food with me but her idea of a meal is 2 bites. Not really enough for me. Luckily I had other issues with her (she liked for the nurses to "chart out" and just go on home cause she had other plans) and left that case at the very first opportunity!
  2. by   LydiaGreen
    Our cafeteria used to have WONDERFUL food. For preceptorship, half of my class went away to other hospitals in Canada (4 months). When they returned and began working at our hospital as GN's (me too!), they wanted to know what happened? They would brag about our cafeteria at the other hospitals. Well, we got a new cafeteria director and now the food is CRUD! The prices are still the same, which was very reasonable (actually cheaper than bringing food from home) but you couldn't PAY me to eat it. I now bring food from home, ask my hubby to bring me something if he's off that day, or we take turns going out for something. Occassionally, the staff will have a potluck day and I will eat in the cafeteria then, but otherwise - NO.

    The patients used to rave about our food, used to tell the larger hospitals that they could take lessons from us - now they beg family members to bring them food. When a person is ill, recovering from surgery, etc., - they NEED good, healthy food, increased protein, fruits and vegetables - now, our food turns their stomachs so they have no appetite at all.
  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Our cafe has the predictable array of fat-laden stuff in the entree and grill lines. There is a salad bar and healthy options in the coolers if you look for them. They just started offering wonderful fruit/yogurt/granola parfait things. Most times I either bring my own lunch or stick with the veggies.