Hospital Equipment

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  2. What if Hospital Equipment was more fun to use?
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  4. by   Davey Do
    Or if Hospital Equipment had to meet the same standards we do?
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  5. by   Davey Do
    Or, what if Patients were allowed to handle Hospital Equipment?
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  6. by   Davey Do
    What would happen if one piece of Hospital Equipment was attracted to another piece of Hospital Equipment?
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  7. by   Davey Do
    What if we had to tend to Hospital Equipment as if they were Animals?
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    I've said it before, Davey Do: I love you! You are seriously warped & I love warped!
  10. by   Davey Do
    Thank you poopycat. I love you, too. It takes one to know one.

    You may be able to identify with this next cartoon. You know, when Hospital Equipment doesn't respect your knowledge and experience?
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  11. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Farawyn
    Good point, Farawyn...
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  12. by   Davey Do
    Sometimes Hospital Equipment have personalities that are difficult to deal with:
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