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Our hospital is interested in starting a Child Day Care Center within the hospital which would provide child care service for our staff. Nursing shortage is compounded by lack of child care and we... Read More

  1. by   annies
    There is a hospital run day care at KING'S DAUGHTERS HOSPITAL in Ashland KY. I do not know if it is 24 hours. I believe they have partnered with the YMCA in some capacity. Perhaps you could contact King's Daughters for more accurate information.

    Good luck with this project.
  2. by   Chuckie
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  4. by   SueM
    Thanks to all who have responded with your comments on daycare. However difficult it is for any parent to leave their child in the care of another, it is a reality that many have to face. Our goal is make that choice one of some comfort. For that reason, we are looking to initiate a center that will address the needs of both child and parent.
    I would still like to hear from any who have knowledge of existing day care services within their (or community) hospital. I would like to know how it operates from the standpoint of cost, hours of service and whether it is a contracted service or one operated by the hospital. Are staff members satisfied with the service. From some of your responses, it sounds like the hours are not always accomodating. Thanks again for your help.
  5. by   mario_ragucci
    Hey - Gimme a break !!!!
    I wasn't taking no cheap shots at anyone. Nor was I implying that a parent who utilizes daycare is not a good parent. Go easy on me. I was raised in the "late 60's - early 70's" before the advent of daycare as it is today. Plus, I am single, so i am not in the shoes of a modern parent, admittedly. Plus, I grew up in NYC, and my block had lotza families on it, with stay home moms. I am just expressing how glad I am.
    I've dated a phew single mom's, who drop their kids off, and I know it must be a hard thing on them. I see what some daycare facilities look like.
    I respect yall parents out their who are doing so much.
    Instead of praising my mom and dad, perhaps I should just praise the fact that I am 37, and grew up when families were different, thats all. Don't be mad at me, please.