Hospice and Home Care Peeps LOL

  1. I am interested in your mileage.
    What is your organizations protocol in regards to the mileage? As in how far from your office do you travel one way?
    Do you have a protocol in place that says- 60 mins or 60 miles from the office as ours USED to?
    I am covering a very large area in Virginia which I love please don't get me wrong but with nearly 700 miles travel a week I am really starting to get tired.
    I will add that I am covering for another RN who had the 'cheek' to have her second baby LOL and be off on 6 weeks maternity leave, so that has increased the mileage, but these patients still have to be seen no matter what.
    For me 667-700 miles a week is soooooo draining at the moment.
    Hmmmm maybe I should get a chauffer.... Any takers??

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Only one of my home health employers paid me mileage. The only reason they offered the mileage was because they couldn't get anyone to take the case because of the distance. Otherwise, I wore out one car doing home health, and before that, commuting to nursing school. I wish I could get an employer who would pay me a better wage and/or pay me for mileage. My intentions with my next job is to limit how far I will travel. I do have another car, and I can't afford to run it into the ground like my last car. It is very unreasonable.

    P.S. Love the photo of you on that Harley! Now that's the way to travel! Many years ago I knew a nurse who traveled to and from home health cases on a bike. He said he saved a lot on expenses but didn't like it when the weather got bad.
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  4. by   TazziRN
    [font=book antiqua]there are two home health agencies and one hospice agency in my county, all pay about the same: 0.41 per mile. mileage to the office in the morning is not paid unless you live more than 10 miles away, then anything over 10 miles is paid. if i go home from a pt's home rather than the office and it's more than 10 miles, i get paid. today i drove 12 miles to my first pt's house, then 45 miles to the office. 5 miles to another pt, then 10 to another. from there i went home and it was 42 miles. somedays i get paid for more than 100 miles.
  5. by   tencat
    My employer pays 0.44 a mile, and some days I have driven 200 miles in one day. Yes, I'm running my little car into the ground (at least it's paid for!). For some reason my company doesn't get the fact that when you drive that far, you really can't take a patient load of 15+. To their credit, the local bosses are trying to pound it into corporate's head that some days we drive 3 to 4 hours of our workday due to the distances we cover.