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  1. I was talking to a Radiology Tech who is also an RN, she said she returned to school to get her degree in xray due to the fact that she now makes more money and not to mention better hours. How do the other hospital staff stack up, such as Resp. Therapy, Radiology, Pharm Techs? Are we getting the short end of the stick while the rest of the staff is earning more while receiving better perks, such as at the facility I work in Resp. receives a stipend for scrubs while the nurses have to purchase their own without compensation. Just wondering.
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    Just another example of the weak as catspiss meowwwwwww unions we have 'supporting' us and the multitude of unfairness, inequality and unrecognition we nurses face........:hatparty:
  4. by   FTell001
    The RN's make a bit more then the rad techs..but..the rad techs have to rotate "call" in the they have to also work a weekend per month..but I must say..their stress levels are not taxed as the nurses are.
  5. by   st4304
    In my cath lab, a few of the more experienced rad techs make the same as the RNs, and the newer RTs will eventually catch up. I should also add that our call teams of three must include at least one RN because an RT (in my facility) cannot push IV meds. There are more RTs than RNs so the RNs are on call more. Also, the RNs can perform ALL the roles during a cath, but the RTs can only scrub or work the control room.
  6. by   fergus51
    RNs here used to make much less than most of the allied health professionals (like physio and OT). We now make a little more, and a lot more in some cases (rad techs make way less).
  7. by   BadBird
    When I was full time staff the maintenance men made more than the nurses, how sad is that. They don't even have a college degree.