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HI everyone, I'm a new grad been in a place I'm not to happy with. In any case went on an interview today at a hospital thats 5 minutes from my house (currently driving over 1/2 hour to work.). ... Read More

  1. by   jaylynn67
    I am still a nursing student, and one of our instructors just told us if we are ever hired on the spot, RUN don't walk, out the door. She said that is a sign of desperation and probably not a good position.
  2. by   texas_lvn
    Quote from firstyearstudent
    If an employer hires on the spot it is sometimes the case that it's a bad job and they're desperate to fill it.
    I like how you put sometimes in there. Like someone else said, it can also be a gut judgement.
  3. by   icugirl33

    I was hired on the spot the last 4 job interviews I have been on. One interviewer told me afterwards that I should go into sales. At the end of the interview, I always ask "So am I hired?" Believe it or not they always give me an answer. It might be a bit forward but I just have to know!!!
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    I was hired on the spot during my interview for my labor and delivery job, but, there were several open positions. the job i had before that i had to wait about a week.

    when i applied for the nicu, i had to wait 4 weeks for a NO!
  5. by   ortess1971
    If it makes you feel any better, sometimes it's a not so good sign when they hire you on the spot. This may mean that the hospital has trouble keeping staff because of poor working conditions and they are desperate. This happened to me and the hospital in question was filled with toxic people. Come to find out, their turnover rate was horrible. Sending a nice thank you note has seemed to work for me after the interview and follow up is important as well.Good luck..Hope you get the job!:spin: Update...I didn't read all of the posts before posting..Sorry if I was repetitive!
  6. by   healer27
    Hi everyone - thank you to all for all the responses - everyone here is so nice - I'm so addicted to this board! IN anycase I DID send a thank you note to the hiring manager very short - just saying thank you for your time I appreciated it yadayada. I know she had 2 more interviews after me the last one being today. I'm trying to think positive and believe the whole if its meant to be its meant to be but on the other side of the coin I REALLY WANT THIS JOB!!! It's a really well known teaching hospital with a good reputation & only 5- 10 minutes from my house which is nice. Also I did get a chance to talk with some other nurses on the floor there and they were very nice friendly. When I was waiting to speak wiht the hiring manager I was checking out the nurses station and surroundings and altho it's a quick judgement it seemed organized and people did seem positive. Also the hiring manager did say she doesn't have positions on that floor that often (a good sign) and the nurses I spoke with had started as new grads and had been there two years (another good sign). I did like the hiring manager as well. I thought the interview went well. I thought I had a pretty good rapport going but again you just don't know what is going through the other persons head and I don't know how much more experience these other people will have. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.... I guess too I'm just a little stressed because I have the feeling its hard to get into this hospital without having a contact there and I don't.. soooo... ahah..