High health insurance premiums?

  1. Right now I am working the "Baylor Weekend" program, and am paying about $350 per month for family coverage. If working full time I would be paying about $160 per month for family coverage.

    My question is, are most of you paying about the same? Has anyone found it is cheaper to buy it privately?
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  3. by   Dr. Kate
    Wait a minute. I thought Baylor was a FT work alternative. You're not getting FT benefits? Got a union? This doesn't sound fair.
  4. by   Stormy62
    Well they don't term it "Baylor" but that is what I was referring it to because that is what it entails. Work every weekend 12 hour shifts, off Mon-Fri. Pay comes out about the same as it would if I were working 40 hours during the week.

    Union? Whats that? lol
  5. by   renerian
    That is what we pay for family coverage.....

  6. by   KP RN
    $452.00 per month with a $2,000.00 deductible. This is a private insurance policy. My husband is visually impaired, and my youngest son was born with transposition of the great arteries. There is NO WAY I would permit my employer to choose which health plan is best for me!! Yes, it's expensive, but for us, it's a priority.
    I need ( and demand) complete access to any doctor, any hospital at any time!
  7. by   obeyacts2
    we pay 250 a month to cover me only. I am 34 and couldnt get private coverage and my CNA job has no benefits. I had to get a state sponsored insurnace policy for hi risk people. Why am I hio risk? I weigh over 160 lbs at 5'2 and I used to have an ulcer-long since resloved.


    PS It pays 75,000 per calendar yr and 750000 lifetime.
  8. by   deespoohbear
    I pay about $150/month for our family of 5. Pretty decent coverage, especially if you are treated at the facility that I work. $10 ER co-pay. Labs, xrays and such are no charge. My husband and I had MRI's about 2 weeks apart one year, and I didn't spend a dime.... $10 co-pay for doctor's visits....
  9. by   TooterIA
    At my current job family coverage is $550/month without eye or dental, at the job I am trying to get it is free for me and $70/month for family with no eye or dental.
  10. by   passing thru
    I pay $425 per month with a $2500 deductible for myself...no family covered. This works out to $650.00 a month and I pay 20% of all bills after that, plus co-pays.
  11. by   passing thru
    P.S. And there is no eye and/or dental on my plan.