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HI all ,. wanting to become an LPN but work during the Day and cannot find an evening class anywhere (I am in Kissimmee but will travel!) So considering the Ma . Is this even close to being an LPN or... Read More

  1. by   UM Review RN
    I think you should go for the nursing degree because as others have said, an MA is pretty much it--you cannot advance into nursing school with that.

    I have an associate's degree. It took about 3 years to get through the program because they don't count the year's worth of pre-reqs before the 2 years of actual nursing school.

    LPN is about 18 months.

    For each, you can practice as soon as you pass NCLEX. I would call the school and talk to a counselor. Make sure, whatever program you choose, that it's an accredited program before you decide to go there.

    Please feel free to post again if you have more questions. Good luck whatever you decide.
  2. by   rholman
    Quote from chocolategirl
    HI again , Thanks for your advice I have checked out sem college they said the Altamonte campus offers the part time RN. Do you know if you have to be an LPN already , just don't want to take all the pre classes and be told no!! How are you finding the entrance requirements to be? Are you planning for the Jan class? Also one more thing it says you get an associates degree when your done is this a different way of taking the RN than usual? thanks for your help!!

    To answer all your questions:
    1. No you do not have to become an LPN first.
    2. There are quite a few classes you have to take as pre-reqs before you can apply for the nursing program unless you have taken them already at a different college for example. Eng 1, Gen Psy, Dev Psy, Nutriton, A&P I and A&P II, Micro Biology, Humanities, Med term or sociology. If you don't have any college credits you will have to take the college entrance exam first. You may have to take other math and english courses, depending on your score on the entrance exam. Also, you will have to take general biology before any of the other science classes I listed. They offer night courses for all these classes. I have been going part time at night and it will have taken me approx 2 years to complete all the pre-reqs, at 2 classes per semester.
    3. After you complete all your pre-reqs then you can apply for the nursing program which is 2 years. At the end of the program, you will graduate with your associates degree in Nursing. However, you must take an state exam after graduation, if you pass then you will get your Registered Nurse License.
    You may also go for your Bachlor Degree in Nursing at UCF, same process but you will take more pre-req classes before entering the nursing program or you can pursure you bachlor degree after you become an RN. The only difference between the Associates and Bachlor Degree is a slightly higher pay, not much difference and an opportunity into management. It is probably a wise decision to pursue the Bachlor degree in the long run, however, as I mentioned you can pursue that after you become an RN.
    4. I will not be ready to apply for January 2010 because I will have 2 more classes to take at that time. I will have to wait to apply for January 2011 or find a sugar daddy to support me and apply for the day program in August 2010 .

    I hope I have answered all your questions.
  3. by   nise21
    i live in new jersey and there alot f schools that have lpn evening classes!!!