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  1. I am currently a CRNA. I have been in the nursing field for 25 years in the ICU, ER, flight nursing, and now in nurse anesthesia. My wife recently graduated from nursing school after being a stay at home mother. When she started her first nursing job, she was constantly stressed by small things that experienced nurses take for granted but were not really touched upon in school. I am considering making a helpful hints dvd of actions and skills which I take for granted but new and student nurses may not realize or consider. I am wondering if that would be of interest to both student and new nurses? It would not be an educational video for CEU's or be meant to replace previous training or organizational policy and procedure, just a simple dvd of hints others and myself have learned over the years. I would only hope to cover the cost of production, etc and am not thinking of making money. I am just amazed at the difference in simple clinical skills many schools overlook as too simple to teach. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in such a dvd.
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  3. by   Missy77
    I would be interested. Especially since I'm doing an online program. I want to learn as much as I can to provide the best care.
  4. by   sweet_b
    I would absolutely love it!
  5. by   psysn
    I would be interested. My school didn't teach us a lot of the tasks that are delegated to aides (how can i delegate if i don't know how to do it myself?). I applied TED hose for the first time this week and had to look up on YouTube how to do it.
  6. by   skimpstah
    I'm interested as well.
  7. by   RLeeRN
    I think that would be valuble if done right....I know I would take a look at it.
  8. by   geocachingRN
    I'm interested in what topics would be covered...
  9. by   tyvin
    Are you looking for backers or other DVD suggestions since it sounds like you know what you want to do with it?
  10. by   ipasgas1
    I am looking for suggestions to include and if there is a market for such. I wish I had made one prior to my wife graduating a couple of years ago, it would have saved me some stress Hopefully, it will help others. I graduated from a diploma school in the 80's where we did clinical nearly everyday whereas today, the students' clinical experience and floor time seem to be limited leading to longer orientation times, more errors, and less confidence. It seems much of the stress is related to what we consider common, everyday tasks which they have not yet been introduced. My hope is to do that introduction.
  11. by   tyvin
    One thing I see is that there are many RNs whom do not know or realize the actual scope of their practice. I know it takes experience to achieve things but I see RNs not practicing at their full level even after some time in the field. It's as if they do not realize the power/responsibility they possess. I realize that it is dependent of their state's Nurse Practice Act and many other variables.

    I have asked RNs whom are orienting where they can find the Nurse Practice Act and you would be surprised how many times I get the blank look of "what's that?" Not only the ability to find it but to realize the ramification of the Rns obligation to their practice to know and initiate their responsibilities to help determine patient outcome.

    I know much of these things are contingent on house rules and state policy etc... but there are many instances that I've seen and heard of patients well being compromised due to the RN not knowing how to act when push comes to shove in delicate situations involving patient care.

    There are many areas that your DVD can discuss but each RN needs to discover the burden of responsibility to know the scope of their own practice.

    Good luck to you.