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so i just took my final in a 9 week cna/pct class a class mate always got 30-60 on all test and quizes they let her take extraa credit home and doit out of the bokk anyways we took the final we... Read More

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    Quote from Scrubby
    Yes they may indeed have issues. But I'd prefer not to contribute to them.
    You are welcome to control your own behavior.
  2. by   Scrubby
    Quote from Virgo_RN
    You are welcome to control your own behavior.
    So glad to have your approval Virgo!

    Anyway this thread has well and truly been hijacked. Apologies.
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    Closing thread. It's gone completely OT. Before that, the OP had gotten several good answers. OP, if you are satisfied with the responses, I will close the thread. If not, please PM me and I can delete all the off-topic posts.

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