Help! School closing down for good.

  1. Help me out. I need everyone's input on this. I've got 4 mos. left in an LPN school, & the other day we just found out that the state is closing down the school. We've been told that the school has to educate us through to graduation, if it wants to reapply for accrediation later. If the owner (who does seem to care about this) doesn't want to reapply for accreditation, she could just shut the door & walk away.

    What I need input with (wether good or bad) is how screwed am I. Has anyone been through something like this or know someone who has?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    If the school is truly required to educate you all the way through to graduation, then you really are not that screwed. You should be able to complete your education in 4 short months and proceed to obtain licensure as an LPN.

    If, however, they close the doors before you graduate, you need to seek legal counsel and obtain further information from an attorney about further steps to take that will protect your interests (and educational investment). Good luck!
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    future of nj vocational school in doubt

    [s] the state attorney general's office tells action news that southern new jersey technical school was denied permanent accreditation december 1, 2006 because some of its faculty members are unlicensed and about 20 students have filed complaints about the school. ...

    ...state officials confirm the school will be allowed to continue to teach and graduate current students. [/s]

    as long as sbon allowing students to graduate, will be able to take nclex upon graduation. issues state has need to be resolved prior to applying for reaccreditation.

    credential and licnese verification huge issue...very each to perform with nj online verification process...i perform license checks almost daily of pa and nj docs as part of my job. first thing state regulators look at when examining our homecare files that staff actively licensed.

    tonight local 11pm news 6abc reported that 18 educators let go, only 2 remain, but couldn't locate link.
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  5. by   carol72
    May I ask what school this is? I don't have any concrete advice but would suggest for you to get several copies of your transcript - if this were possible. I wish you well.