HELP ME!!! Posters for our L&D waiting room???

  1. Hey, guys, I need your help! Our hospital recently repainted and refurbished our L&D waiting room, and the walls are bare and stark. Every time I walk in there, I think there we are missing another opportunity to educate! Our population is mostly African-American and Hispanic, and our hospital was founded to serve the underserved. This is a prime opportunity to impart a little education, particularly to the women who are present, just waiting around. However! I can't find crap. Here are some ideas on topics I had, and if any of you have suggestions, I'd gladly hear them. I'm wondering

    1) If you can think of any other applicable topics (Since it's an L&D waiting room, you'll see that most of my ideas are somewhat related to mother/baby)

    2) Where the hell do I find this stuff??? I KNOW that someone out there has made public service posters or something, whether they can be gotten cheap or free doesn't matter. I'd put my own money out for this if I knew where to get it. If I can't get them online, where CAN I get them? I'm at the point where I think it might be easier just to design my own and have them printed at Kinko's Copy Center!!!

    My ideas so far:

    Breastfeeding Advocacy
    Proper Prenatal Care
    Teen Pregnancy Issues
    Shaken Baby Syndrome
    STD prevention/TX during pregnancy
    Postnatal birth control
    Infant CPR
    Signs of Pre-term labor

    I don't know. Just brainstorming. We have room for a lot there- lots of wall space, plus a the outside of the security cubicle is a large, three-sided bulletin board with nothing on it presently. I was in there last night and there were no magazines, no pamphlets, no displays, no nothing. Nada. I hate to say it, but without some iniative this 'aint happening, and I think this could be a really good thing with your help!!! Have any of you ever done anything like this? Thanks in advance. I'm totally desperate and very frustrated!!!!! Grrrr.

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  3. by   Peatness
    I am fortunate that we have a public health centre in our city and this is where I go for info, pamphlets and posters on ANY topic. Do you have something similar where you are? If so this may be a good start, our office has tons of resources including books, movies etc. See if there is something of the sort but maybe it's just a canadian thing, who knows! I think what you're doing is great! It's nice to know that there are health care professionals who are passionate about patient teaching. We could use more nurses like you. Good luck! AB
  4. by   NICU_Nurse you get these for free and in bulk? I know we have one, I just don't know where it is! (laughing) I'll have to check on that. Thanks!
  5. by   Q.
    Try and become a member. See if your facility will pay for your membership.

    In there they have lotsa resources, as well as the free Well Woman Guide and other health campaigns, usually for free if you see >500 women a year in your facility.
  6. by   Stargazer
    Kristy, I Googled "free child care education posters" and found this site, which looks like a tremendous resource.

    Here's another one--be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom where she's got further links divided by age.

    Another one that promises lots of free materials:
  7. by   simao pt
    I don't think i can help you, because all the stuff i have about this subject his in portuguese and adapted for our (portuguese) reality, but i must congratulate you for your desire to practice good nursing. Without doubt prevention has a significative importance in our profession. Keep your strengh and dont lose your desire to help others.
    I hope all the others' tips will help you. I checked the sites Stargazer mentioned and they seem promissing.
    Good luck
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  8. by   spineCNOR
    The La Leche Leage has breatfeeding-themed posters available in English and Spanish, picturing Moms from different cultures.

    Sorry, not free, but perhaps your hospital has an education budget that would cover the cost.

    Perhaps your local WIC office, Planned Parenthood office or health department has some posters they will share.

    Is there a school of nursing in your area--this would be a good project for a nursing student group.
  9. by   Anagray
    This is such a great idea! You are so smart!

    I would also add something about post-partum depression, but unfortunately i don't have a sourse.
  10. by   1babyrn
    My hat is off to you what a great idea. Try this link to The March of Dimes . They have posters in Spanish and English for $5 and pregnancy, maternal- infant brochures for $12 - $14 per 50. They also have a link for free info if you provide some contact info but I'm not sure what you would be getting. I agree with spineCNOR about where you might find some funds. If they can't help see if your peers and coworkers could donate a couple of dollars each. Include everyone who might care for patients on you units NBN and postpartum staff, NP, Midwives, RNs, support staff, OBs, FPs, Pediatricians, etc. etc. Healthier educated patients benefit everyone involved!
    (Note: This might have to be disguised in the form of a bake sale for those who won't just hand over the cash)

    Good Luck!!