Help me make this decison!

  1. Hello, I'm at a true crossroads as to what to do. I had a job interview with a local home health agency last week, and may receive an offer very soon. I'll list the pros/cons of each job, and I would really appreciate any input or advice. Thank you again...

    Current Job (RN on a Cardiac/telemetry unit). Pros-3 day workweek (12 hour shifts), self scheduling, health insurance is still pretty good despite the recent Affordable Care Act, get along very good with coworkers, manager allows me to schedule Mondays off for my BSN program classes, we live five minutes from the hospital, 3:1 patient ratio
    Cons: Lower pay, we have lost a few Cardiologists, so census has been down, so we may average 1-2 call days per six weeks, but I keep my PTO time stocked pretty well, not much room for advancement.

    As for home health the rundown is this: 5 days a week, off weekends/holidays, flexible daytime routine, slightly higher pay, medical insurance is comparable, but requires a 1500 out of pocket before insurance coverage begins. Home visits would probably end 2-3 PM, but I would be charting for a couple of hours at home each night. As a full timer, I would be getting paid salary, but not by the visit. Quite a bit of difference there I would think. Traveling would be in our county, but it would be everyday, and would add up, I would think.
    That's it in a nutshell, a part of me leans towards staying in my position. I get along fairly well with my co workers, I can continue classes and so on.
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  3. by   CrossCountryRN2008
    Home care has call days for full timers
  4. by   RNKPCE
    What made your look elsewhere?

    Can you shadow a home health nurse prior to making the decision?

    My friend does homecare and she has several hours of computer work every night, more than she anticipated. You are paid for mileage correct? Do you live in a location with severe weather?

    Will you miss the daily interaction with your peers?

    Personally I would miss my weekdays off, a lot easier to run errands than on weekends with all the 9-5'ers. Also harder to schedule medical appointments when working 5 days a week.
  5. by   ORTech2RN
    Mileage is paid, but that doesn't factor in the wear and tear on my vehicle. Severe weather, not so much. We do get several snows a winter, but nothing too heavy.
    You mentioned a major thing-weekdays off. So much easier to make appointments, run errands and breaks the monotony of the schedule up. Plus, I often times enjoy working an occasional weekend.
  6. by   OrganizedChaos
    I looked into home health but I didn't like all the driving I had to do. They might pay milage but they won't pay for all the wear & tear on your car. In the end I turned down the home health position, I just don't like driving that much. Plus what if you can't get ahold of a patient or you get to their home & the patient left? Waste of time. I just didn't want to deal with that too.
  7. by   nurseprnRN
    I can't imagine why you would take a great job whose management will work with you on school, has no time wasted in cars, has no work after work, and good PTO, and kick it in the teeth, so to speak. You would be absolutely nutso to leave them. What are you thinking?
  8. by   Been there,done that
    Sounds like your current hospital position is not too shabby!
    Why are you considering a move is the big question.

    Home care is a different set of stressors for nurses. Do you mind driving? ( the bulk of your day is on the road).. In what areas will you be working? (some are out right dangerous).
    A salaried position in home care leaves you W-I-d-e open for unpaid time.