Help! I earned a BSN in 2011. I became frustrated because of NCLEX RN and strange phobia

  1. I graduated from Nursing school (BSN) and I'm a little confused. First, I failed the damn NCLEX. Second, I don't know if I did right, but I have fear to see someone vomiting. I don't know what to do. I don't mind cleaning/seeing/smelling poop, pee, wounds, blood etc. Gloves and masks exist. I also don't mind cleaning vomit. The phobia is all about seeing the vomit coming out of a persons mouths. I never saw vomit during the clinic. Like I didn't. Not sure if it was "made for me". I love this and I want to do this but a stupid emetophobia is stopping me. I need comments/opinions or anybody around with similar issues? Any meds to cure this?
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  3. by   amok
    Sounds like seeing someone hurl is your "thing," I would say that most people in healthcare have one. For some it's vomit, dry skin flakes drifting through the air like a gentle snowfall, purge, the list goes on. Mine is trach care sputum/suctioning, I get the sympathy gags. My advice would be not to let this keep you from the profession. Emetophobia isn't necessarily an uncommon phobia, I would suggest maybe seeking therapy for it the way plenty of people do for other debilitating fears. The therapeutic approach to one phobia is much like the approach to any other, there's likely a professional in your area who has helped people move past similar anxieties. Seeing people vomit is generally inevitable, it may be well worth finding a pro to help you. Good luck!
  4. by   not.done.yet
    Every nurse has their kryptonite. Sounds like vomiting is yours.

    Take the NCLEX and pass it.

    Take care of a few chunk throwers and you will start to develop that callous that we talk about that lets us learn to put our squeamish fears behind us.
    You can do it. Best of luck.
  5. by   Pixie.RN
    Contact your BON and determine the requirements to take the NCLEX again. You might have to complete some additional education at this point. That is your first hurdle. Next hurdle would be passing the NCLEX six years post graduation. Best of luck!
  6. by   cleback
    If you have an actual phobia, then you need to seek professional help.
  7. by   LStgo
    Thanks for the answers! Your words are realistic and very supportive It really helps me not to feel judged
  8. by   Cat365
    Just look away. I was a sympathetic vomiter (is that a word?) and I learned to control the reaction but I still don't look directly at the person vomiting.