Help! I can't find work!

  1. Hi guys, this is my first time posting on this website but I am looking for some advice and honestly a little pick me up. I have been living in Boston now for about a month and I have been on five interviews and I can't seem to land a job. I have about three years of nursing experience, and the whole reason why I moved here was to chase my dreams of working in a big city and at a level 1 trauma center. I worked at my last job for 7 years and worked my way up and I have never had to struggle like this to find a job before in my life. I have a good resume, I have charge nurse experience as well as a little bit of float pool experience. The interviews seem to go great and I never get a call back. I guess I am looking for people to share their stories or if they have ever been in a similar situation, or if you have any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!


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  3. by   KelRN215
    Do you have a BSN?
  4. by   BostonRN29
    Yea :/
  5. by   BostonRN29
    Which makes it so confusing because I feel like I have done everything right. I'm wondering if in Boston they want MSN's. Or maybe three years experience is not enough...
  6. by   KelRN215
    An MSN is not necessary for a staff nurse position.

    What hospitals have you been applying to? Honestly it may not be that you're doing anything wrong but that someone with connections got the job over you. This isn't a big city, it's relatively small, and who you know can be important in getting a job in the big hospitals.

    You could try some of the smaller hospitals which would give you connections to move into the bigger hospitals- for example, Newton-Wellesley and Faulker Hospital are both part of Partners.
  7. by   BostonRN29
    Thank you for your advice. My first interview was at Mass General for the ER which I thought was strange because I initially applied to another position. I went on that interview and followed up with the hiring director and she said that she would look into things (this was like two weeks later) but she never got back to me. I had an interview at Beth Israel for the float pool but they took someone with more experience, and I have a few other similar stories like this. I haven't heard back from Brigham and Women's and I am crossing my fingers for them. I just recently had an interview with Tuft's and it's only been a day so I am hoping I hear back from them as well but I guess I am not holding out any hope because of what has happened during the past month with all of my other interviews. I will definitely look into these other goal is to get involved in trauma eventually so even if I could get my foot in the door that would be great.

    It's my first time going through anything like this and it is definitely a frustrating experience!
  8. by   nuangel1
    Have you thought of going to staffing company and doing contracts.usually 13 week assignment .That gets your foot in door alot hospitals use staffing companies.
  9. by   BostonRN29
    I have heard of travel nursing which sounds similar but I have never heard of staffing companies, I will look into that, thank you!
  10. by   nuangel1
    There are lots but check into Supplemental Health Care. they are real good.
  11. by   nuangel1
    There is one local in Woburn .they staff Big and small Boston area hospitals.I know for a fact MGH and Brigham.
  12. by   PixieRN1
    From your description, it doesn’t sound like you have done anything wrong, it’s just a competitive job market and unfortunately they may have candidates with resumes that better meet their expectations.

    Keep plugging away.
  13. by   klone
    As others have said, it's likely that it's just a really tight market with lots of great candidates from which to choose. However, when an applicant has a good resume, good experience, makes it to multiple interviews and then doesn't get the job offer, it's possible that something you're doing (or not doing) during the interview might be sabotaging your chances. I would sit down with a friend/colleague who is not afraid to give you frank feedback, and ask for their suggestions/advice. Perhaps practice a few mock interviews.
  14. by   ivyleaf
    Have you tried BMC? They're always hiring and still a teaching hospital. I hear the pay's good as well. BWH has a ton of postings and from postings, it looks like Tufts is definitely looking for people. What is your experience and where are you working now?