1. I'm painting quotes in my office for/about nurses, but I can't find any about CNA's. I work in LTC. (I'm SDC) Do you have any about housekeeping/dietary?

    example; nurses..angels with stethoscopes.
    Nursing is an art...etc.

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  3. by   sharona97
    Caregivers and angels are put together by CNA's. How's that ? Weird? Or OK?
  4. by   nyapa
    CNA's - "the quiet achievers"
    After all, what would happen if there were none? They are often not recognised for what they do...

    Housekeepers "little ray of sunshine". Their work almost never involves pain for the patient, and they often provide cheer as they go about their work

    Dietary. Are you looking at nutritionists or kitchen staff?