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I am about as green as they get. Just started to work about 1 month ago & here is my problem- For the first time today I had a doc speak to me like I had no brain. I had this pt. who had a ice pack... Read More

  1. by   CATHYW
    I would've said, "Sir, (emphasizing SIR) this is not something they taught us in nursing school, and I have not seen it before. I will get PT to show me exactly how this is done, and this won't happen again." No-excuses, just statement of fact. No embarrassment in front of the patient, and not excessively defensive. You have to toughen your "hide" a little, but you DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT have to take the garbage some Drs. think they are able to dish out. Do not lose your cool, or say something in front of a patient that you will regret later. Do not try to be "smart," or you will get a rep as being a smart aleck nurse. You want their respect, not a rep!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    We teach others how to treat us. Teach these people nurses are not punching-bags. Take it head-on (away from the patient, at another time, if need be), and politely demand respect as the professional you are. WE ALL are AFFECTED by how we let these people treat us. It does not ever "have" to be this way! Good luck to you and hang in there!