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I'm new here and can't wait to meet everyone! This is such a supportive, friendly board. I'm in my second year of an ADN program and am counting the months till graduation. It's been a long haul,... Read More

  1. by   Youda
    Wonderful there are so many new ones! Welcome one and all!
    :kiss :hatparty:
  2. by   JonRN
    Welcome! I hope you enjoy this board as much as I do.
  3. by   RNinRI
    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Cheerfuldoer, it was from reading all the posts from you nuts.....er, loving people that made me want to join and become one of you! Lisamct, it's too late, I am so addicted it's hard to tear myself away to study, time passes too quickly when I'm here but priorities......ok, just one more post to read then I'll study!
  4. by   Tim-GNP
    Welcome aboard!
  5. by   nakitamoon
    Welcome & great to meet you RNinRI,,,, you'll love it here at allnurses,,,, best wishes to you,,,,,