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    I am a new joiner. I do like this discussion board. Because I can not only express my opinion but also know more about the newly information and learn more skills. This time I'd like to share some ideas about telenursing with you. I think telenursing is really helpful. Firstly, telenusrsing can help people who live in the rural area or whose transport is not that convenient. Nurses can provide their cares through telephone, computer, tele-video, and so forth. Moreover, telenursing actually potentially eases the burden of the busy road. However, here comes an issue about the safety about patient records. So what do you think about it and how can we do better to protect clients' records?
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    Can I suggest you try CRANA - rural nurses association Australia they might and probably do have a lot more information on what you are interested in.

    Here is the website. If you don't get more replies from our members try posting a specific request for reply in one of the forums. The Canadian as well as the Australian forum both would be good as both countries have extensive rural and remote nursing networks using telenursing.
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    hi lius

    can't help with any info on the subject - but would like to say welcome to the board
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    Hi! Welcome. Very interesting topic. Never heard of it or thought about it, so I can't help you there.