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I was doing a 1:1 observation with an elderly confused woman who tends to wander. So I was in the room with her and the 19 year old unit clerk came in with a piece of paper that said " My name is... Read More

  1. by   amy
    Sorry, this emergency nurse would be busy; I am sure I would be in the middle of SOMEthing...
    this little lamb should have been marched into managements office to the slaughter i say........... and there is one thing i am a little confused..a clerk is just that are they not, what right do they have to intervene with any nursing care??

    tell that little one to go and get herself a cerebral lavage or a washout of some sort.........:chuckle
  3. by   kimmicoobug
    You and your colleagues are in a professional facility. What if the patient's family members or any other patients and/or family members saw this. What does this say about your facility. It should be reported and dealt with. I am young myself (well, not that young...) and I don't find it forgivable by the young clerk or anyone else.

    My two cents.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    HEINOUS...UNforgiveable. end of story.
  5. by   Swiftee
    I agree with much that has been said, and I think that the clerk needs an attitude adjustment. I know this might sound bad, but maybe if she was that immature to not realize that what she was doing was disrespectful, maybe she actually thought it was a good idea. I wonder if maybe she realized that what she did was stupid and was so embarrassed that she made an excuse ("everyone else is doing it") and then tore up the sign in anger because she felt angry at looking so stupid. In any case, I think maybe her nursing career needs to at least be delayed a few years.

    I'm a little bit upset by all the underlining of her age. I myself am 19 and would never think to do anything like that. I am starting school for my nursing pre-req's this month. I know that she is immature, but some of you make it sound like her age has everything to do with it. Many of my classmates in school are going to be at least 10 years old than me, and I struggle to be taken seriously in my studies and even at work. I don't expect anybody to coddle me just because I'm young. At 18, you are considered an adult and should act as such, but I know MANY people twice my age that act like spoiled, bratty children. Hope you guys can understand my point of view a bit and keep it in mind next time someone younger than you does something wrong.....

  6. by   boggle
    Originally posted by Swiftee
    I'm a little bit upset by all the underlining of her age. I myself am 19 and would never think to do anything like that.
    -swiftee [/B]

    I understand what you are saying Swiftee. I was 18 when I started nursing school, and certainly had the idea of dignity and respect toward others by then. (had to grow up in other ways though).

    I think it takes some folks longer to grow up than others. Strong role models guide you through. And they teach you to take a stand for what is right .

    (Thank you to all those wonderful nurses and patients who guided me through!! :kiss)
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    yea quit making excuses for her so-called age.....cruelty and immaturity are NOT limited to the young, you know...no way in hell is she cut out to be a nurse, or anyone dealing w/the public if you ask me.
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  8. by   MollyMo
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    All that would have needed to happen was that resident's family to walk in and see that. If I saw one of my loved one's with a sign on their back like that, someone would have to hold my purse.

    Hold my purse and my earrings!And I'm coming out of my shoes! It's time to box! What is the point of making a patient 1:1 if you have to be concerned about them walking off? I know they can move fast, but come on!! I hope she gets weeded out of nursing school the first day.
  9. by   NurseDianne
    no one should be treated that way. The clerk should at least have some dressing down about the issue. How else would she learn? If the issue isn't addressed now, she may go thru school and life thinking it's ok to humiliate someone who doesn't know any better
  10. by   kdeclipse
    I completely agree with you and I do not think that you are overreacting. Just because she is a confused woman does not mean that she should be treated as thought she is a nusiance and as if she is an object.
  11. by   corrin
    I'll put your scenario into my post-conference discussion line-up for my students, if you don't mind. If ever one of them tried anything near like that, they'd be out of the BSN program for lack of professional conduct and disrespectful behavior.
  12. by   alwaysthere
    Originally posted by Qwiigley
    Don't worry, this chick will never make it thru nursing school!
    unfortunately they do.....and they end up getting set lose on a unsuspecting public. and unfortunately these are the ones that the public usually ends up remembering since the experience with them was so traumatic....seems as if noone ever remembers, the ones who spent hours ,caring for her/him , teaching her and simply comforting her/him!

    and as for this unit clerk.....we put tags on out luggage and equipment, but certainly not a HUMAN being.....who has been a bright contributing member of society before this pip was even thought of!
  13. by   Flo1216
    I agree with the poster who said that this girl obviously learned that from someone else, so I don't hold her totally responsible, but at the same time she should know better. What is even worse was that this patient tends to be sexually preoccupied and one of the RNS said to the doctor, " Maybe you should get together with #$!@. She's horny," That was the charge nurse.