hearing aids and stethoscopes - HELP!

  1. I am in the CNA program our nursing school requires before being admitted to the RN program. (I start that in Aug) I just got a Littman Card. III stethoscope, hoping that I could use it without my hearing aids (both ears-in the canal) (nerve damage from a previous job) but I don't get enough sound. I have the Stethmates for it but find it to be REALLY uncomfortable - heavy and too much weight/pressure on my h.a.
    What kind of experience have you had with electronic stethoscopes- brands etc.? Being an older student (47, but 29 in my mind's eye) I need to minimize the stress of poorly fitting eq. as the rest of the stress (what I have picked up from reading all these posted threads!) seems unavoidable!
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  3. by   renerian
    I wear a hearing aid as I am hearing impaired. 50% loss to one ear and 75% to the other ear. I use the flat earpieces and it works okay. The rounded ones just slip off. Did you try the flat ones? Take the earpieces and slightly bend them forward to shoot the sound towards the back and see if that helps.

  4. by   NCLauree
    I have the cupped ends - that's what my audiologist said would work with my style h.a. I'm waiting for a new appt. with her as I am getting a lot of feedback when I put on the steth.
  5. by   canadian
    I recently got an ultrascope (they are available on the web). Their thick tubing and insulated stethescope head is amazing. I find that by cutting off the cup part of the ear tips that I have found the perfect stethescope to work with my hearing loss.
  6. by   renerian
    If you get feedback and have the digital aid you need it readjusted.

  7. by   chicoborja
  8. by   NCLauree
    I went to my audiologist with the Littmann and she determined that the scope was not working, but the problem with the fit was evident with using other scopes that they had in the office, too.
    The solution seems to be due to my DH's generosity- he bought me a Cardonics electronic with the headphone type headset! Should arrive next week and then I can make up all the missed scope labs!!
  9. by   JohnnyGage
    I'm not hearing-impaired, but I do use an electronic stethescope -- I find it very beneficial for both flying and when I do open-heart recovery. I got mine quite a while back (I don't think my specific kind is on the market any more), but I'll look around and see if I can get more information.

    I love mine because you can really crank the volume and it functions as both a diaphragm and bell.
  10. by   renerian
    Cool Johnny Gage!

  11. by   mattsmom81
    I just saw a doppler stethescope in a medical supply flyer and thought that was cool too...nice for checking low BP's, thrills, murmurs, bruits, etc and as Johnny said, volume can be increased. Expensive...$200 bucks..but worth it for those with a bit of hearing deficit for sure!

    It's called the Philips Electronic advertised in Tafford....website www.tafford.com.
  12. by   Jay-Jay
    I have a severe hearing loss in one ear, and a moderately severe in the other. I have a Littman stethescope with an amplifier that works off a 475 hearing aid battery. Works great, had it 12 years, and never had any trouble with it. The only drawback is I have to take my hearing aids off to use it, which increases the risk of me dropping/damaging them (over $1,000 bucks a piece!) Reading your posts, I think it's time to look into something more sophisticated that can be used without taking the HA's off!

    Thanks for your posts!