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especially when you could have swept it under the carpet.......a short while back, l went into the pt room to give an IM inj. Almost always, l draw up meds in the med area, for some reason, that... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have on several occasions, mostly for very minor mistakes/omissions. I try to be honest in all I do, and model that for the newer nurses around me.
  2. by   TiffyRN
    I'm sure I've written myself up more often than others have written me up and I think it's better that way (though I would love to be perfect). I've also written myself up more than I've written others up, not that I've ever had an issue with being written up too much.

    We recently started a new reporting system that was computer-based (and I think web-based). I was lucky enough to get to use it twice in one week that first week it went into effect (one an IV infiltration, one a missing blood culture that had been collected days before). Good news was, I was a good resource for others on the unit who needed to use it. By the way, I liked the new reporting system, it seemed to be based on looking for system errors rather than looking for one person to "blame".
  3. by   RNonRun
    Quote from baseline
    Incident reports should not be considered puinitive. They are intended to report untoward occurances. And yes, I have written an incident report on myself. Med error.
    As soon as I read the first post I realized of course I have!
    I have made a few med errors in my day. THANK GOODNESS et al (God Angels etc, that no adverse outcomes EVER resulted!!) they seem to run in 2's for me one on month then another in a period of time that freaks me out. Then THANK GOODNESS NO MORE!!!: In 3 years Only 2 maybe 3 the longest was over a year ago (probably not after this).

    Finally got my password figured out. YEAH!!
  4. by   AFnurse3
    I've written myself up before. It's good just to be the one to get it out and clear the air....that way you have nothing hanging over you.
  5. by   mak2
    Yes I have written myself up, and I deserved it too.
  6. by   rags
    So far as I know I am the ONLY one that has written me up.
  7. by   Atheos
    While I can't 'write myself' up yet, if I make an error or do something that I should not have done I will report myself to the nurse, after fixing it of course.

    Without integrity what are we? Coming from a military family and the military may have influenced but my word is all I really have and I don't break it for anybody. Especially myself.
  8. by   Irish Nurse 89
    I have had to do it once. I feel that an error should always be reported, no matter how small it is, especially where patient safety is concerned. An incident report in most cases is used as a learning tool, and should not be viewed as punitive.
  9. by   MaryAnn_RN
    I was involved in a med error - I was the second checker and we both got it wrong - and wrote myself up. The other nurse wrote themself up as well. We both got suspended while there was an investigation.
  10. by   RN and Mommy
    Yes, I have once.

    I was taking care of a patient and at the beginning of each shift I always check the meds the patient is on and note it in my report sheet if sliding scale insulin is ordered.

    On this particular patient I apparently missed it and didn't treat the blood sugars all day. They were all in the 150-160's so I didn't really cause any harm, but nevertheless it was a medication error and wrote myself up.
  11. by   NeoNurseTX
    Haven't needed to yet, but I'm still pretty new so I'm sure my time will come. I'm also one of those who would have it hang over me if I didn't do it.
  12. by   lpnflorida
    I have always written myself up whether it is a med error or incident occuring with a patient which is not a med error.

    I recall a nurse educator stating during orientation . I would rather have someone report themselves " I know then I can trust them, as opposed to the person who never will ,nor admits they are capable of mistakes" guess we all make mistakes whether it is a system type error due to patient work load or what ever the case might be.

    I believe we all recognize when we have made a mistake and try to own it. I have sometimes learnt best by the mistakes I have made myself .
  13. by   lpnflorida
    Quote from scarymary
    I was involved in a med error - I was the second checker and we both got it wrong - and wrote myself up. The other nurse wrote themself up as well. We both got suspended while there was an investigation.

    I thought the intent of writing ourselves up, ( filling out incident reports) was not to be punitive? Is the UK different?

    Cross fingers, have never been suspended for writing myself up or filling out incident report.