Have a question about chemo patients and exposure to chickenpox..

  1. Have a question here. Had a big family gathering last Saturday with my Dad's family. My aunt who is 63 is currently undergoing chemo treatment for carcinosarcoma was at this gathering. Well, tonight, I found out that my aunt's 7 year old granddaughter has come down with the chickenpox... I think my aunt has had chickenpox as a child, but I was wondering if being exposed in her immunocompromised state could cause problems for her. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.....
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  3. by   ?burntout
    I would encourage her to call her oncologist at once......she may be susceptable to viral pneumonia since she is on chemo...
    Maybe she could receive the varicella-zoster immune globulin?? ...

    Hope she doesn't have complications........
  4. by   jemb
    She's most likely okay, but ...

    I agree with the above. She could be particularly susceptible if her white count is down from the chemo. Best to have her contact her oncologist and seek his expertise. ( We always include in our instructions to chemo patients to stay away from crowds and children during the nadir period- too much exposure to who knows what!)
  5. by   NicuGal
    I would call the onoc. too...she could end up with shingles.

    Also, she shouldn't be around any kids that were recently given immunizations I believe.
    I would highly agree with the above posters.
    Call the Dr. If anything she can be treated with isolation for a while to protect the other patients she may come acrossed when she goes in for treatment. Highly possible she will get shingles though but it depends on the incubation period since her immune system is all farked up now she should be showing some type of reaction if she is going to have one.
    Bless her heart...... I feel for her. I hope shes fine and nothing comes of this she has been through more than enough.