Hate and bias toward new nurses from "experienced" nurses

  1. Please answer the following questions if you are a new practicing nurse. No bashing from "experienced" nurses is needed, we get enough as it is. Keep your rudeness to yourselves. I want to know,

    1) how many new nurses have experienced this?

    2) How does it affect your self-esteem?

    3) Does rudeness and treating you like you are worthless improve practice?

    4) Are older nurses helping nursing with these attitudes, or are they encouraging new nurses to leave nursing because they are treated with such disrespect and disdain?

    5) Have you ever encountered a bitter "experienced" nurse who talks down to you?

    I see sooo much bashing of new nurses on these forums and in real life. I hope that some day I will be able to HELP a new nurse grow and learn, not cut him or her down.

    I hope someday when I am the "experienced" nurse that the nurses who treated me so poorly will never visit where I am working. Hope they will never need to be cared for by someone they have such disregard and cruelty towards. If I am so incompetent, I hope the state would not have granted me a license. Am I green and do I have much to learn? Yes. But do I deserve respect and kindness like any other person? Absolutely.
    I strongly considered leaving nursing, forever, because of nasty people with unrealistic expectations that they themselves could not even meet or maintain, or with bad attitudes toward me because I am young and was new.

    Sincerely- a nurse with 1 year of experience tired of being denigrated.
  2. Poll: Do "experienced nurses" help you or put you down/discourage you?

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    • It happens some of the time

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    • There have been one or several incidents

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  4. by   fakebee
    What is your definition of an experienced nurse, someone with 5 or more years of experience, someone with 10 years, or anyone with more experience than the nurse in question?
  5. by   JZ_RN
    "experience" for terms of what I'd like to know is, anyone with more experience than you.

    Has someone who has been a nurse longer than you been less than helpful in your growth as a nurse, basically.
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