Has anyone taken the CRRN exam lately?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am studying for the CRRN exam which I take in December. There are no nurses in my area who have taken this exam before. I've read everything I can on it, but would like to hear from someone who has actually taken it.

    I appreciate anyone's help/advice. Thanks.
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  3. by   sirI

    Come join us in this thread. Plenty of support and great information regarding the CCRN:

  4. by   underpaidrn
    I don't mean the CCRN, I am taking the Certified Rehabilitation RN testing. There are not many out there. Thanks for the thread, though. Just the wrong test. Would love to hear from others taking the CRRN course.
  5. by   sirI
    My mistake. That's what I get for reading the title in a hurry!!

    Good luck.
  6. by   Quickbeam
    Hi there, CRRN here! I took the test twice...once on paper and once to re-up my certification. By then it was computerized. I've been certified for 14 years, still am.

    My advice? Get the core curriculum and study it like crazy. Also get the practice test. I found both very helpful (but expensive) I'm a good test taker (SATs, NCLEX etc seemed easy) but I found this test difficult. It really is a test of competence as opposed to minimum standard.

    After you are certified...remember to save all your CEU certificates! Nothing is worse than having to retake the test because you can't cough up enough CEUs at re-cert time. Happened to me.

    There are way fewer of us now than in 1992 when I started. A lot of that has to do with insurance changes for reimbursement. Best wishes to you!
  7. by   fluffwad
    Quote from Quickbeam
    There are way fewer of us now than in 1992 when I started. A lot of that has to do with insurance changes for reimbursement. Best wishes to you!
    How did insurance changes effect CRRNs? I've had my CRRN since about '97, but I have to say I rarely ever meet any other CRRNs.

    I absolutely agree that you should get the core curriculum from ARN. The test was like taking boards all over again.
  8. by   underpaidrn
    Thanks everyone. I've ordered the books and hopefully, will have some sense of what the test is about. Wish me luck in December. I really appreciate all the encouragement and ideas. There really aren't too many out there, so I will be doubly honored if I pass. Thanks again.
  9. by   Quickbeam
    Re: insurance changes....in the early 1990's, reimursement for in-patient rehab stays was excellent. Free standing rehab units popped up all over the landscape and there were a ton of CRRNs. When the industry tightened up on funding, rehab shriveled...there are a fraction of the CRRNs now that there were in the early 1990's. The test isn't easy and you have to keep up your CEUs. My state used to have almost a thousand CRRNs and now has less than 100.